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For real though.
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My old computer kept having power problems so each time I took it in for months, they kept telling me to buy a new part. By the time we replaced everything but the shell itself was when someone finally told us that I was better off buying a new computer. So I basically bought two new computers only to have a dead one.
Isn't technology great? We have no money now.
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these get me though life
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Wanna know what's worse?

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Gaming computers in a nutshell. ->
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You always manage to get a smile on my face. Thanks for the comic and laughs!
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Must have gotten it at a discount...
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As thicc as Ricardo.
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That was me yesterday.
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Rando just thanos-snapped his walletTop 10 Sexiest Women In Anime 
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With stuff like Cyberpunk 2077 on the horizon, the price is never too high
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Was it worth it?
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I like your comics because I can easily understand them despite my poor level of English
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This hits me so hard.
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Depending on What pc we're talking.
RTX2080ti + core 9-9990 + 32gb RAM - well, DUH, this is expensive.
An average 1060 6gb + ryzen 5 2600g can fall to an 750$
And cheap rig will be like 1050 + ryzen 3 2200g which is about 450$
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Why would someone spend so much money for a trash rig?
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