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I was on the verge of tears.
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Y aún así yo quiero un gato

If it can unplug the cables, this mean you need some lenovo 3000 j series cables

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this was me recently, but it turned out to be a dead motherboard... I wish it had just been unplugged :C
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We do sa me bc my computer is very very old more older than the laptop of my sista
Sil-Pencil's avatar
Tech support rule number one:
Is it plugged in?
Ethyrial-ink's avatar
Just a friendly reminder the PUSS OWNS YOU. 
iamlazycatxP's avatar
- Why all your PC cables are sleeved, and your I/O panel / power supply / UPS / Power Outlet are covered?
- I have a cat...
- Oh...
DevilSakamaki's avatar
Happens all the time. 
The damn cat’s lucky I love her ❤️
GreenNoir's avatar
its always the cats man :|
MoonshineTora's avatar
The guilt when you see that no one is to blame but your own stupidity (for not checking the plug.)
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That's a great "BWAHAHAHAAA" face right there!

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if it makes you feel better, when my sister and i were building my pc, we thought it was haunted. the power switch was turned on, though we didnt know it at the time, and it was somehow plugged into HER pc while we were working on it, so when the fans started going we were freaked out as all hell

turns out it was getting power from her pc and we laughed our asses off about it later
0mura2's avatar
I swear that cat dude XD
He is just out to fuck with you no matter what
StiryMixy's avatar
i heard lemongrab saying it
Naoki-Wagner's avatar
XD alright XD you got me !
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When you fighting 1v1 in fortnite, end up this.
*They all had us in first half not gonna lie*
beToiba's avatar

Pfff... hahahaaa ... awesome! :D

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