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No Rock Smash?

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Guess there's no other way then.
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at least you can walk around that rock now
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Alex-is-a-furryHobbyist Artist
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What was Tyranitar fighting? Or did you tell it do that because you wanted to create a crater?
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AolnnHobbyist Writer
HMs have always been stupid. Why can't my level 50 scyther use slash to cut away that bush? Or why can't my level 30 Machamp use seismic toss to move that boulder? Or better yet why can't I just carry around an axe? Also you mean to tell me that this 6ft tall insect-dragon thing can't fly my stupid butt to the nearest town but this pigeon can?! 
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DamianMyutsuuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Not even Saitama can break this boulder...
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Saitama tried to break this boulder....

This boulder broke saitamas hand...

R.I.Pepperonis saitamas hand, you will be missed
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NeoChandlerHobbyist General Artist
The Insurmountable Waist-High Fence..the bane of many Pokemon Trainers' existences.

Anyway..are those blocking things indestructible in any Pokemon game?
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OnionDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
my life in a nutshell tbh
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qjzdavfStudent General Artist
LOL, makes you question pokemon physics right?
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Hms are bullshit. Even though rock smash isn't always an hm but come on guys. Give me a jetpack for fly. Give me a machete for cut. Give me a dingy for surf. A pickaxe for rock smash. Some kind of bulldozer for strength. Anything so that I don't have to teach my pokemon unforgettable moves.

The whirlpool and waterfall hms are the bane of my existence.
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Sun and Moon replaced them with Ride Pokémon. Smart idea.
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And thank god for that. I'm not that far in Moon yet but smashing rocks with Tauros is amazing.
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I won't spoil it, but you do get more Ride Pokémon. And they are awesome.
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