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My cat brings small fishes home (alive) and birds (alive), mice, sometimes ... ALIVE!Ultimate Facepalm 
True story. XD
Flurrie-kitty's avatar
This is so relatable its not even funny,, 

I mean it's hilarious but still
DexterousDecarius's avatar
Was expecting shit, considering how puss is like 
shaden90's avatar
At least you got a whole one. My cat only gave me half.
Rainbow-Night's avatar
It is good gift 
swallowswift's avatar
Thanks to my fat cat, i got to spend 30 minutes trying to trap a mouse in a box using peanut butter. after it spent twice that using my bed as its own.
so many of you people are lucky to live in a place where your cat can actually find a rat. most of us live in environments completely devoid of animals other than birds and insects :(
AndrewAllanFaulkner's avatar
my cat literally brought a live rat into our room one night. then killed it in front of me. I felt so honored that she shared the glory of that moment. I tots was a cat in a past life.
AngelthedarkAbsol's avatar
My cat does the same only they're usually missing a head or they're still alive
LeoDragonsWorks's avatar
Cat are really attentive pet, she was thanking you ^^
ALAvidere's avatar
So did you eat it?
TheSarcasticRabbit's avatar
Cat logic: The rules that govern the universe but no-one ever agreed to.
PinkCarnations's avatar
Perfect description
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This is so relatable, only I get dead birds...
DinoAmerika's avatar
That's a bad ass cat you got there
Zoroark6's avatar
More like a sneaky f*****
CeG91's avatar
i always wondered how a cat would react to their human chowing down on the meal in front of them.
Ramizder's avatar
Either "Bruh what the fuck" or "Bitch this one was mine".Or maybe both.At least that's what I thought when parrot was eating my KFC.
DinoAmerika's avatar
Puss: NOW EAT IT. Prove yourself human!
MiniDragonfly's avatar
Puss wants to make sure you get enough to eat. :XD:
AnubisPriest-ca's avatar
After giving Puss a dead thing Puss had to reciprocate... lol
LolliRu's avatar
Puss be like "EAT IT"
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