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Foul Creature

You reap what you sow.
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yeah, they evolved to fly... on the other hand, in exchange for the increased size they reduced their life to 24 hours after they reach full size.
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When roaches fly you scream like a little bitch. I know because i did it. I never seen one fly except once that scared me so bad
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When you realize it can fly 
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Every damn time; with any form of flying invertebrate. 
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"Begone, thot"

That woulda worked

Cockroaches be gross
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I hate cockroaches gross
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Does anybody elso just imagined Rando screaming in high pitch?
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everybody tough until the roaches start flying
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The lesson was learned.
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'You should've gone for the head'
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bruh! i was thinking that when i saw this!
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Cockroaches can survive without a head.
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Then the ending would've been the same for Rando
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Not really cause then the roaches body wouldn't know where to fall in.
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"Should have killed me when you had the chance..."
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Oh my gods, someone tell him to close his mouth! xD
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