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10 dollars

Worth every cent.
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We're gonna need a cleanup on aisle three

That face tho XD

Every damn time I look at this, I have a war in my brain to keep myself from laughing.
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I think rando just had a giant orgasmic "wis" if you know what I mean
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whenever i feel down, i always come to this particular one and it turns my mood a whole 182
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day 1537 without sex
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Well she is super cute 
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thats how a dolphin nuts!
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the speed lines are real good
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oh rando, you are N U T S XD :icame: 
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And from that day onward the cashiers had to place Bob on register duty whenever Rando entered the store. :D

I'll never get over how awesome your expressions are. The more effort put into them the better they are, especially the ones meant to be hilarious!
My you Rando just nut in his own pants
Every time i look at this i laugh. 
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Holy crap Rando I love your work
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It's perfectly normal, nothing wrong with me
But we're going to need a clean up on aisle 3
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