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Bottoms Up
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I captured this abstract shot of a bellpepper just before it was diced and put in a salad. Think of all the intresting and unique sebjects that are discarded continually without any thought.


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Image size
1185x997px 273.4 KB
Shutter Speed
1/2 second
Focal Length
33 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Feb 5, 2004, 3:22:27 AM
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Comments (25)
glenneroo's avatar
glenneroo| Photographer
sexay! i've never had such perverted thoughts looking at a vegetable before... HA HA :D
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neubie's avatar
neubie| Photographer
Clever and so crisp. Unique perspective. Well done.
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exmig's avatar
exmig| Photographer
hahaha...and..uhm...ewww :D

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haras15's avatar
Great picture. Such a clear shot.
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greenfaery's avatar
greenfaery|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This shot is simply amazing. Very light and clear and crisp. I really like this crop, it gives a simple veggie personality.
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randomsurprise's avatar
Thank you very much for your comment and for describing why you like it.
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greenfaery's avatar
greenfaery|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Since I quite often can't give any real advice on how to improve something (and most of the time I do not think anything could actually be "imrpoved") I rather give a comment on why I do like something. Hope this is ok.
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randomsurprise's avatar
I love hearing what people like about my shots. Then I may be able to use those principals later on to improve my work.
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Soulmanager242's avatar
I hope it tasted as good as it (still) looks
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triptychr's avatar
triptychr|Hobbyist Writer
Literally quite brilliant. I've never been that close to a pepper I didn't know. :D
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recondite's avatar
recondite| Photographer
so true.

half of my pictures describe that, just as yours does.

good show :)


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youngie's avatar
Interesting picture. But what is it?
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mike-the-vile's avatar
I first associated to a hearty drink at the title... then to a peach when I saw the thumbnail. :D
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stayorgo's avatar
stayorgo| Photographer
Fun capture for obvious reasons and a great shot, well done! ;)
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angeleyes25's avatar
I thought it was some kind of body organ.. (kinda looks like the lungs) :lol: I love the way you captured it! :D Love the color too..
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tefernini's avatar
tefernini| Traditional Artist
hah. i thought of a peach, actually, but that didn't work. i love the colours of this. =)
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Annida's avatar
lol, you gave us norty thoughts with that title :D I really like the oversaturation though, lovely shot
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CochinChick's avatar
CochinChick|Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL, looks like a butt ^^;...neways, it IIS a nice subject ^^ I like the way you shot it ^^
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what-the's avatar
:rofl: that's really quite good, nice shot. interesting subject.
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alyn's avatar
erotic? lol i've never heard of a ballpaper before, and likewise, if it wasn't in the description, i'd still be scratching my head as to finding out what it is :s but nice shot anyway, the light reflections on the side are a bit much for me though.
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s15jesusfreak's avatar
s15jesusfreak|Hobbyist General Artist
the first time i saw this I said "what the he** is that?" lol didn't think of it being a pepper!! ^^;
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CrAzYmOnKeY's avatar
mmm i bet it tasted good aye...
nice angle :clap:
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Kalidona's avatar
Peppers r awsome, they're so hot and juicy :D, srry, great picture, lol, that title though made me look at that picture and i could SEE it as a butt.....
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