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DeviantArt: Moving Forward

It’s been just over a week since the full launch of the new DeviantArt and official sunset of the old version of the site. We wanted to provide a community update sharing additional insight and clarity regarding the new site and the realities of its existence and reception. CHANGES WE MADE One question we’ve received frequently is, “Why did you change the site at all?” The short answer is that the old version of DeviantArt wasn’t sustainable long-term. The longer, more thoughtful answer is twofold: one part code, and one part design. Code DeviantArt’s base code was built early, in Internet years. Every time we added a new feature, it had to be built on top of old code from the early 2000s, which meant more work in order for the site to scale to meet new technological advances. The decision was made to rebuild DeviantArt with a more modern framework, which makes it easier and faster to build new features without having to deal with cleaning up or rewriting old code. We reached the


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Freezer Bardock

Dragon Ball Universe

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Superhero Universes

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American Werewolf - speed paint

Horror Art Work

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Doctor Who

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Unreasonable Force

Star Trek

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Chadwick Boseman

Original Art Artists Art

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Some Optimus Prime Design


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Capricorn One

Action, Adventure and Comedy

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Wyrd Sisters


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Brett:  Dovahkiin

Blackwidow121493 Art

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Terminator: Dark Fate

Aliens Predators Terminators

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Pokemon Battle Art - Hitmonchan VS Machoke


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Workdump6 - May the Power Protect You

Power Rangers

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Sue/ Reed Richards Marvels Negative Universe

Negative Universe

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Green Lantern - Alan Scott


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The Tribe Heads Season 1

The Tribe

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The Animals of Farthing Wood

The Animals of Farthing Wood

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The Last Ronin


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Cin Drallig and Jedi Temple Guard (SW) commission

Star Wars Universe

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RWS Diesel 10

The Railway Series

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Big Boss

Metal Gear Solid Universe

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Young Justice Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

Young Justice Revolution

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YJ: Origins (Ep7 - Batgirl) 2/2

Gotham City May 27th, 2017 10:35pm EDT "Well?!" the yellow toothed-man hissed, as he poked Tweedle Dee in the gut. "Suddenly you two have nothing to say, ehh?!" He paced around them like a vulture about to swoop down on its prey. For such a small man, Cassandra thought to herself, he instilled quite a bit of fear into his henchmen... especially the armed guards. The angry young woman noted the rest of his goons at attention, not even a flinch of emotion. Almost in a trance as they lined and waited in front of the cages racked with abducted girls. "Ahhh...ya see Mr. Hat... SIR..." Dum stammered to speak. "So the cat hasn't got your tongues

Young Justice Origins

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My custom Sonic Screwdriver V9

Sonic Screwdrivers

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Boys from the Dwarf

Red Dwarf Universe

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The Hooded Man will come to the forest...

Robin of Sherwood

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Avatar: Grown Up Gaang


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Lords for the Ring - Art Calendar 2021

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

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Time Travel


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Uzumaki Family


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Mother and Son


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