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I Support Naked Art

All these buttons going around and I have yet to see a single one for teh naked. Tsk tsk DA, for shame.

Post this one in your journals if you like. We all know how amazingly effective journal stickers are.

Jesse Powell, reminding you about the important things in life.
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I support nudity in art and all those who don't support nudity in art are closest perverts of the most depraved kind.
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yeah,I support  .
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And nudity is one of those important things. Thanks-a-Million dude!!! I'll definitely put this thang to excellent use. :icongrin--plz:
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Let's all get naked.
Troywestberry's avatar
Who doesn't support nudity in art!!!!!
Simplistic-Illusion's avatar
I love this! Thank you for making it!
Fangobra's avatar
Isn't it just a little ironic that this stamp is filtered?
flyve-ekorn's avatar
Nice stamp! I added this to my LJ journal, [link]. Of course, if you want me to remove it, I will do so. :)
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I used this, thanks so much!
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DJPhatboi's avatar
I also support no restricted content filters!

I ALSO support mature content WARNINGS...
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I dont' see how someone being nude would constitute as mature content. The human body is first and foremost natural.
NekoNatsume's avatar
I think thats just stupid , were losing our morals , thats what it is. Its just stupid to use the word porn or those things like its only having sex.

Dead is natural too , then why they ban it?
Does an women in a " supposed " sexy pose is more artistic than a roadkill animal? - of course i forgot , you cannot have sex with the roadkill ...
unless your an maniac......

Come on people , just stop it with the stupid myspace photos of you being naked , we dont freaking want to see you naked , or your big butt or whatever.

( And please people who are reading this and post those photos , if your gonna post an stupid photo of you naked , at last dont go around showing your open vaginas or stuff like that , there are a BIG BUNCH of PORN SITES were you can upload your porno crap ).
Fangobra's avatar
I BLAME THE GEORGIANS! Without their input on sexual taboos, the world would be a much simpler place!
LadyPakter4life's avatar
An open vagina could be interpreted as erotic and not necessarily pornographic. I suppose its all in the eyes of the beholder. I can say this though, many people in my country(USA) are very regional minded about things like nudity and sexuality, especially when compared to many Europeans. After having gone to Spain for three months (coolest people I've ever met) it was almost depressing to have to come back to the US. Good news is, I live in New York which is by and large, a chill, wonderfully liberal state.
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I'm using your stamp, thank you =)
BackFlash69's avatar
Thank you! This will look good in my stamp collection!
BackFlash69's avatar
Well done! I will use this with pride!
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
While I cannot use stamps, I can always link to them. Thank you! :+favlove:
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