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Just an average, kind, friendly guy. Who loves writing and drawing. A Brony in the UK, ever find yourself in Kent, give me a shout, I'm always interested in meeting others guys and girls.

I'm Lunar Rays on FiMFiction and Lunar Rays on EQD.

Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Rush Hour, Dark Knight, Marvel Films, Green Lantern. Just to name a few.
Favourite TV Shows
Simpsons, Futurama, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Merlin, Red vs Blue
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Two Steps from Hell, Super Ponybeat, Mandopony
Favourite Games
Mario Series, Halo Series, LoZ Series, Minecraft, Sims Series, GTA Series. Just to name a few.
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and PC
Tools of the Trade
GIMP, Paint. Pencil and Paper.
Other Interests
Drawing, Writing, Gardening, Animals.
Still alive and still actively drawing. I admit I have become lax using this site. However, I shall add new draws as they come. I spend a lot of time drawing things for friends via requests and the such I hear/gather from them on Twitter. In the past...
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Scenario: The Grand Galloping Gala is one week away, you have two tickets, one for you the other for a date. From the list below who would be the best date for you?

7 votes
Big Mac
Fancy Pants
Hoity Toity
Sapphire Shores
Bulk Biceps
Coco Pommel
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So I know my art is really simple stuff and not really anything special but I am thinking of taking requests soon. It would be limited to 2-3 a month, more if I feel up to it. I already do take request every now and then but it is rare if I say yes. The requests would be simple drawings like my current drawings are. Now I was also suggested another approach. Commission work instead. Which would basically be the same simple drawings except you decide how much you want to pay. It can be any amount at all, even nothing. It would be entirely down to the customer whether they feel like it is worth paying for or not. Though my art is simple it stil
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If you're not busy or anything, are requests open, or available at this time?
Hey! You are *awesome*! Thank you so much for the premium membership extention! That was totally unexpected and so sweet of you. I don't even know what to say. <3 <3
You're welcome. :) Keep up the wonderful work and keep being awesome!
Hello! Im ALIVE!!!! and I have one of your commission… (sorry it took so long :n: )
Thank you!!! I really really love it!!! <3 It is amazing! :D

I'm glad to hear from you too! :) How has everything been? I know full time work has had you real busy, I'm just so glad to hear from you! ^_^
Im doing pretty good :) Im sooo happy to be drawing again. 
im in a kinda wierd place right now where im in full time work but its like a zero hour contract so one week im in over 30-40 hours then out of nowhere it will bip down to like 10 hours witch I cant realy live off so I kinda feel like im gambling with my work lol. BUT more free time!!!! haha so im not really that sad about it or anything mostly just finding it hard to construct my time :/ 
How have you been? 
I'm glad you're well :hug: I can imagine, trying to construct your time around a work schedule where the hours change so much all over would be very difficult. It's good that you have some time to draw now and to enjoy some free time :)

I've been alright :) just fighting depression and trying to get through one day at a time. Slowly winning so that is something :hug: tried my hand at writing a song, lyrics only so far, I'm not musically talented but something I want to try.

But yeah, everything is fine and I'm doing well, very glad that you're doing well too ^_^ always a joy to talk to you :hug: