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okay I'm a little bit late for this, but now here are the plans of my cosplays this year.

InfeCtiON - Sunday: Random Zombie

- Frieday: Will Graham -Hannibal (with my boyfriend as Hannibal Lecter)
- Saturday: Nicolas St. North - Rise of the Guardians (with group)
- Sunday: Son Goten - Dragonball Z(with group)

- Saturday: Barbarian - Diabolo III (with my boyfriend as Random Mage)
- Sunday: ???

J-Day: Tony Stark before superhero - Iron Man (with group) / PartyTonyZilla xD

- Saturday: Barbarian - Diabolo III
- Sunday: Son Goten - Dragonball Z

FedCon: ???

- Saturday: Blind Mag - Repo! The Genetic Opera
- Sunday: Barbarian - Diabolo III (or some random dark ages cloth)

Connichi: ???
- Frieday: ???
- Saturday: The Biest - La Belle et le Bête ????
- Sunday: Samweis Gamdschied - The Lord of the Rings
The Con and Cosplay status at the moment:

LBM (Germany - Leipzig)
Frieday: Demon - Incidious (with my best friend as old Lady)/ or / Tony Stark [Siut] - Iron man (with my Darling as J.A.R.V.I.S.)
Saturady: Demon - Incidious/ or / I don't know jet
Sunday: The Comedian - Watchmen (with my Rorschach, old Silk Spectre and Hooded Justice)

Dokomi (Germany - Düsseldorf)
Saturaday: Dinah - Starlight Express / or / The Comedian - Watchmen
Sunday: Tatjana - Elisabeth (with the whole bordel >D)

Japantag (Germany - Düsseldorf)
Captain Amarica Showgirl - Captain Amarica, first Avenger

AnimagiC (Germany - Bonn)
Frieday: The Comedian - Watchmen
Saturday: Demon - Incidious
Sunday: Relaxo - Pokemon (with my darling as Tauros)

Frieday: Tony Stark [Siut] - Iron man / Fanart (with my darling as J.A.R.V.I.S.)
Saturday: The Comedian  - Watchmen (with my beloved group)
Sunday: Milk - Kinderschokolade/ or / Edward Morgan Blake - Watchmen

Without Con:
North (Santa Clause) - Rise of the Guardians
Pyramid Head - Silent Hill
Zekrom AmazonenBitch -Version -Pokemon
Linn - Avatar Herr der Elemente - Legend of Korra

I just want to start building these, don't know when I'll finish them.

RandomPudding aka GIR015
Hallo Leute,
entschuldigt das ich auf deutsch schreibe, aber es ist spät und ich bin müde.

Ich werde morgen auf dem Japantag in Düsseldorf (Germany) an zu treffen sein und freu mich schon riesig darauf, weil ich & eine gute Freundin endlich das Appa  & Momo Cosplay durchsetzten, dass wir jetzt schon so lange geplant haben YAY

Unschön ist nur, das ich Platuos tragen muss & deshalb a) wechsel Schuhe mitnehme & b) notfalls auch Barfuß rum renne xD

Falls mich wer treffen will, meine Freundin ist als Marine Soldat unterwegs und wird wohl auch die große Flagge dabei haben,
also immer danach ausschau halten *lach*

It realy was fun,
but so cold QAQ

but there were more fun fact's, nice peoaple, and many friedns of mine :D
and some off them liked my butters cosplay ... and wanted to steal my tweek >3<
but they didn't get her


next little con is the Kazumi in dortmund again
I think im wearing Big Macintosh on that con^^~


Big Cons:

Dokomi (Düsseldorf ; Germany)
Saturday~ Shin (Dorohedoro)

Sunday~ Slowbro (Pokemon)

Japan day (Düsseldorf, Germany)
~> Appa (Avatar the last Air bender)

Animagic (Bonn ; Germany)
Friday~ Poof (Fairly oddparents)

Saturday~ Pinkie Pie (my little Pony fim)

Sunday~ Lazlo (Camp lazlo)

Connichi (Kassel ; Germany)
just Saturday~ Lord Tourette Syndrom (Dick Figures)

Comic Aktion
don't Know which day maybe all
but still don't know which cosplay

Next little con:
DoJaKu (Dortmund ; Germany)
maybe as Butters/ Leopold Stotch