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Robin - Young Justice

Not as good as the original picture but at least it's not a total fail.... -____-"

Robin! <3
I love Young Justice.
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Aw, *sniff* this reminds me of the good ol' days.....
I was thirteen watching season 1... Feels so long ago, man! ;^;
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save the show go to type young justice in the search box and choose the 2nd box save the show so we don't loose it
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I had already signed it. But you shouldn't get your hopes up. Petitions hardly ever work. :(
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i hate companies who think that shows aren't good enough
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Sadly they are taking away this show because of the lack of views it gets from kids. But they basically made it like that once they changed the show time from Saturday night to Saturday morning. I mean, what kid wants to get up early on a Saturday just to watch a show? A really bad choice CN made. And with all the hiatus the show been through just made it worse. Same thing happened to Sym-bionic Titans... What sucks even more is that Young Justice will end in a cliffhanger! And that just frustrates me.
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i know but i've been hearing on youtube from the last show there will be a season 3
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I really do hope you're right... The show can't end like this.
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no it cant not with the wal-man deadi cried at that part twice the show will continue or else i shall go to dc nation and make them put the show back on u with me randomperson136
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I'm with you, I will burn the whole place down if they don't put it back.
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I'm so in love with him! DICK GRAYSON (A.K.A Robin) IS MINE FOREVER! MINE!
(Don't judge me I'm thirteen, too)
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I love this drawing, show, and ROBIN
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yes, I love Robin in YJ! You're so talented!
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can i use this pic in a youtube video?
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sorry but i found enough pics before but i will keep this one in mind for my next vid of robin from young justice
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may i use this pic for the robin vid im doing now?
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link to the robin video
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nice drawing i like it a lot
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