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First Steps

Another fan art for Journey. It wasn't initially intended to be. I was just doing a little speed paint to practice painting on one layer, without a sketch, using nothing but a hard-edged brush.

The first idea I had was to do a desert scene with a little creature down in the corner utterly dwarfed by the landscape. I would then upload it with some little quip in the description about how Journey's still on the brain.*

And then it wound up looking too much like Journey to not be Journey, so I said, "Screw it, this will be another Journey fan art. That last one I uploaded was shit anyway."

So there. Another Journey fan art. And this one looks half-decent. If you missed the last one, go read the description for the reasons you should play this game.

I try to keep fan art to a minimum, because I prefer to come up with my own ideas than to mooch them off others. Let it be a testament to this game's amazingness that it inspired not only my first fan art on dA, but my first two fan arts.**

EDIT: And two months later I remembered this. Ha.

Trivia: The hardest part of this was coming up with a title. Also, this most resembles the (I believe) third area of the game, so it's hardly the "First Steps."

*Which it is, obviously.
**Although I came pretty close to doing fan art for Half-Life 2.
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I love the colours, they all blend so well together yet everything stands out well too :)