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Color chart for Flight Rising



EDIT: For those wondering, I'm TheUnderdog09 on FR. Feel free to PM me or post in this chart's thread if you notice any issues or anything with the chart. :) EDIT: I am not really active on FR anymore. It'd be easier to get in touch with me through this here DA account or my Tumblr.


EDIT 8/14/2015: With the new expansions to the FR color wheel, this chart is now out of date. It will probably stay out of date for a very long time, if not forever; I simply don't have much interest in FR anymore. This also means that any future dragon breeds will probably take a long time to make it onto this chart, if they make it at all.

But, if you have used or enjoyed this chart, fret not! For I have here links to a couple of similar projects done by other FR users:

First, there's Resonance's Dragon Colors chart, which is vastly more thorough than my chart here, going into tertiary gene colors and such. Personally, I find the format a touch overwhelming at first, but I imagine it's very usable once you get used to it.

There's also Georgieanna's Expanded Color Wheel, which I don't believe is quite as thorough as either mine or Resonance's charts, but it is in an interesting format and might be quite useful if you don't need spreadsheet-esque levels of detail.

To my knowledge, neither of those charts have been updated to include the recent color wheel expansions, but hey. There you have it.

Also, this has been the case since I published the chart, but I'd like to make a point of it now: this chart is under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerical Share-Alike license, meaning that anyone (anyone) is free to modify and redistribute it as they wish, provided that I get at least some credit, they aren't making money from it, and they share it under the same CC license. So, if anyone of a curious and/or industrious nature wants to continue the upkeep of this chart where I left off, or expand it and make it more thorough, have at it. And if you do, please let me know where you've shared it so I can link to it from here.


Updated 12/21/2014: Color placements for Nocturne breed added! I've also revamped the layout of the chart, partly to make it look a little more orderly, and partly to make it more easily extensible for me. Everything still works the same way, it's just been flipped 90 degrees.

Updated 1/18/2014: Took me a week longer than I'd have liked, but the chart is now updated with color placements for the Coatl breed!

Edit 1/9/2014: I do intend to update the chart with colors for the Coatl breed. I just don't have time right now. Bear with me?

Edit 9/6/2013: Confirmed and updated: Skydancers do in fact use the secondary base colors.

Edit 9/5/2013: Thanks much to Uturuncu on FR, who provided links to Skydancers with ice and black secondary genes! I might not have time to update the chart tonight, (that calculus homework needs doing,) but it'll be updated by tomorrow at the latest.

Updated 8/27/2013: Skydancer color placements added! HELP REQUESTED: If you have the link to a Skydancer with either an Ice Basic or Black Basic secondary gene, let me know so I can get that squared away.

Flight Rising is a browser-based pet/breeding game with dragons. That's about it. Most (I think all, actually) of the character art was done by neondragon, which is the only reason I even know the site exists; that woman and her tutorial books are basically responsible for kickstarting any artistic talent I may have. They're also the reason I draw dragons and damn near nothing else.

Anyway, I digress. This is just a pet project that I've been working on the last few days, a compilation of all the colors used in all the genes on the site along with a guide to where they're placed on the various dragon breeds. (I use the word "gene" in the loosest possible sense, as does Flight Rising; each dragon has three genes, each with a set of colors associated, that determines what colors go on the dragon and where. If you're really curious, you can go read about how dragon breeding works on the site. Some day I intend to make a fantasy breeding sim based on actual genetic principles, but I digress again.) Basically, this is the result of my sitting for three days poking at random people's dragons with the eyedropper tool. It will make absolutely no sense to anyone who isn't already familiar with Flight Rising's systems, which I'm sure includes more or less every single one of my watchers. It's only here because I needed it to be somewhere on the internet in order to post it to the Flight Rising forums. So there.
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Just wanted to say, this chart was super useful to me back when you were updating it, so thanks!
I am currently making an updated version with the new colours and new dragons for my own personal use!