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Don't patronize, I realize
I'm losing and this is my real life
I'm half asleep and I am wide awake
This habit is always so hard to break
-Marianas Trench

Hey guys, I'm hoooooooome!
Actually I've been back for a week now, but my computer broke. Or something like that, anyway. It would crash every time I turned it on, but then it just stopped doing that. Weird.

In addition, my wireless internet is being really unpredictable, so we should be a getting a new wireless modem in a few days. Let's hope that works!

Speaking of broken - guess what else is broken?!?!* My 10 year old laptop has finally given out and passed on. What did it? Uh, me. When staying in Puerto Rico on the last day of my vacation, I was on the poor thing for 8 straight hours, and previous to that, my brother had been on it for 4. The motherboard just couldn't take it. Needless to say, we will not be attempting to fix it. ^^;

And that's not all - my camera is also in need of repair! I turn it on the first day of our vacation in the airport, and it's flashing this weird message on the screen - "E:91:01." Uh, what? xD I still don't know what it means exactly (but if you do, feel free to enlighten me), but I do know that the flash isn't working. Whatever it is, I have to take it in. Eventually.

The trip was pretty ok though. It was an experience. I felt sick a lot or just generally sad and lonely, but I had a lot of fun too. My favourite part was horseback riding on the beach. That's all I'm going to say about that. You'll get to see some of the places I went in the pictures I'll be posting...eventually.

But for anyone who actually wants to know what islands I went to and what they're good for right now, here you go -
:bulletblue: Best Hot Guys - Barbados
:bulletred: Best Beach - Antigua
:bulletblue: Best Shopping - St. Kitts
:bulletred: Best Rainforest & Waterfall - Dominica
:bulletblue: Best Volcano & Mountains - St. Lucia
:bulletred: Best... - St. Thomas
:bulletblue: Best Forts - Puerto Rico
So yeah, that more or less sums up my trip. xD

I've recently acquired a lot more free time, so expect me online more often. Probs not posting, but online. That's always good right?

Hope everyone else had a fabulous break!

*More things that are broken but irrelevant – the toaster, the muffler on my dad’s car, my relationship…


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