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i can break my own heart :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 1
You're a Monument
They chained the sculptor to the pedestal
because fear would keep him from leaving.
Freedom was not worth the sight of you breaking
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 8 0
I can't breach the distance to the ones I love
My sister was Queen of the sunflowers,
while the other had eyes for a blue moon
Both set to a sky,
             I couldn't see with my pollution.
                                                        (And I cried to missing stars
                                                         But they never did respond.)
They were celestial,
      transfixing to human eyesight.
But never in my view
 from the Junkyard of the city.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 8 0
poor vision for a fragile heart
I can only stand to look at you,
   When I cannot see at all.
Slip off the glasses so you won't make my brain short-circuit.
 Your smile's a defibrillator.
                        you always seem to revive me
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 9 3
he's gonna burn you, Icarus
And I promise he's gonna change You,
     rip the Garden straight from your bones,
then caress those lonely stem fingers with more warmth than the Sun would spare you.
It'll be cataclysmic and taste like wheat Fields.
Honey oats in summer cereal. better for your Body, he's grains to make you Whole.
He's the Feeling, the revival of something I thought Lost.
There's a heart inside these Copper sheets that he trims into a shelter.
      The side-hug shingles comforting for the one without a home.
       Accidentally, I made him mine.
But he's so temporary, I fear we'll lose him to the East.
                         I don't have a passport,
                           the visa soon expires.
               Counting down,
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 2
you really are something out of this world
Monday brought the end of the world
And I spent it with you,
    sitting in a battery-forgotten car, in the January air.
We watched the stars blink out, one by one
as time broke before us and Benjamin cried of hope that could continue.
The moon was red, eclipsed by fire.
The weather was cold, bitten with frost and I, quickly freezing.
But You sought photos of the apocalypse's Arrival.
So two hours we stood on the deck, trying to capture a blurry thing through the lens of binoculars.
   My gaze too focused on the phenomenon of your existence, to look anywhere near the sky.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 3
If you go in September
If by chance I don't live long enough to see you come back
just know I would've waited.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 19 2
I don't belong in your Hemisphere
I made you a hat from bundles of Yarn
An a Hook from eleven letters.
It turned out bulky, triad threads a crochet mess.
But that's all I know how to feel around you.
You take scissors to the cleanest stitches ,running at me with your grip loose enough for me to stop you
you don't realize that I won't.
And the sweater I started,
            seven hours of stars and naivety
Unravels .
at tennis shoes that mistake the strung together sentences from my clumsy mouth
As shoelaces.
But Darling I could never support that bottlebrush soul.
You were made for the Outback, uninhabitable, unforgiving
(Absolutely something to remember)
  to an onlooker like me.
really, what was I thinking?
It's much too hot to wear some stupid toboggan there anyway.
Just toss it a bonfire,
My heart's not fit for the weather.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 13 4
I think it might be a crush
but he makes dandelions grow in between sidewalk cracks
And springs metal prongs in the air pockets of my bones.
Someone that puts a lightheadedness in my heart
and a marathon icy in my chest when he smiles.
Even now with blurred vision memory
I stall like internet dial up
at a closed mouth upturn,
sending 18-wheeler thoughts into
 pile drive territory.
He's a fatalistic crash to my
 crosswalk feelings
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 2
double shift eclipse
The sky's stained like a rolled-up newspaper left in the driveway after a storm.
There's no clouds.
   no daylight either.
Just constant drizzle,
switching between a pouring fall and someone that lingers like an almost Spring.
I'm running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep with another 12 hours of work ahead of me
and while I usually love this kind of weather, right now
even rainbows are looking monochromatic.
I'm not looking forward to tonight
with every puddle I step in being quicksand.
But you arrive unexpected
like something nature would call devastating

And it's really quite thrilling
how earthquakes wreck my fingers at your presence
   turning sewing hands into an incapable mess
(do you have to be so distracting?)
You're doused in dandelion
that makes me wish for the unlikely
I'm pretty sure it burns to stare too long at your smile,
But black polymer isn't enough to block you out
and maybe?
I don't mind going blind.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 11 5
she says to look the other way
To you it's Propaganda from a side that's always been too far gone.
The only statement here is that I don't want to Die,
   not by their Hands.
I'm not asking for mermaids to burst from ocean water
Nor horses to sprout wings and fly above our metal birds.
                  Just to exist
without fear of every corner, every alley, every callous ear,
every moment waiting for violence to rear it's ugly head
Because that's all they ever know when faced with a heartbeat like ours.
You tell me it doesn't matter,
That what they say, the way they think doesn't affect anyone,
But Mama, they're calling for my death.
They scream for my blood.
"That's just their opinion."
           And it might put me in the Ground.
The skeletons in my closest all have Names.
Michael. Brandon. Matthew. Harvey. Rebecca. Venus. Chanelle. Ruby. Fred. Phillip. Rodney. Diane.
And they were all k
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 15 3
I've heard Ghosts in the Fall when his leaves were
It rains for Four days, dropping to thirties.
While still no sign of snow, the potted tree in it's planter ends up drowning.
Its seems odd to bury him, finding death in all the things that should've meant Life.
but Bury Him, I do.
Next to the fence where Halloween remnants still hang,
   he sleeps underneath my skeleton.
There's no room for a marker,
   but he's named Morgan Treeman (for those who'll care to mourn).
I say it by the graveside and swear sun-dried bones rattle with Laughter.
He might be dead, but his sense of humor isn't.
The Skeleton wears cracks that look like laugh lines,
  finding humor in the fact
That we all rot away the same.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 1
Love came in many forms, But none of them ever sta
maybe I am Lonely.
  so what?
So what if soft eyes
   and Flower petal fingertips
press against the Stonehenge of my pulse
like a euphoria drugs could never supplement.
If I burrow my face into the covers
and clench the electric blanket a little tighter,
it's definitely not because its the closet thing to a hug, I've had in weeks.
I don't crave a warm embrace,
the feeling of sunlight through the Trees,
photosynthesis to the backyard beauties.
             (I miss that the most.)
Because that age old dream
   That This time, They would STAY
           (that this time i would be enough.)
doesn't seem like it's gonna come true.
I see them in the booths,
hearts held,
gazes intertwined,
and the emptiness dissipates.
                                   to only leave a PANG<
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 4
The Show Must Go On by randomMeAndBob The Show Must Go On :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 16 4
Mature content
scare me (fear me, you look better when you cry) :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 8 7
but who would save Nicholas?
He often wore plaid
like a stranger I called friend
and spoke with a tremble in his voice
like a boy I once knew.
When he laughed  
 he was Nervous
and the stone walls we called our school made him uncomfortable
And his skin was just as feral.
I've heard them talk of this,
never meaning harm,
                     But he stemmed from daisies in the frost.
their Cold killed him all the same.
We shared the same class together for the last 4 Years
and yet
I don't think we ever spoke.
But I wish we had.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 9 6


Market Place by CCDriver Market Place :iconccdriver:CCDriver 111 27
My faves to you...
Pun intended...

Hope you enjoy these lovelies...

Let's do our DA thing and pass on the love...

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Vie/Life by DavidMnr
Wonderful Clouds... by Tigles1Artistry
Flowers grow in harsh conditions by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Mother's Day by the Beach by happytimer
Old Bridge In Verona Over Adige River I by BillyNikoll
:iconmep4photography:MEP4Photography 37 89
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Art Exhibition: Vol 3.

Hello, fellow artists! Welcome to Volume 3 of Art Exhibition (AE).
AE is a non-profit project solely run by Kellsyy to promote various artistic abilities. Each Volume will feature 55 unique artworks from all categories including Poetry, Traditional, Digital, Anime/Manga, and Animation.
This Feature comprises of 5 primary initiatives, each aiming to help other artists gain praise/feedback from other Deviants. Each Volume is published bi-weekly on Sundays around 8 PM EST.
With that being said, enjoy! La la la la 
AE 1: Project 10,000.
Project 10,000 aims to showcase 10 Deviations that should have 10,000+ views. This can be based on the artwork's originality and/or the story/emotion behind the art piece. Hand-picked by Kellsyy herself, these artworks show excelling talent.
Remember to support these art pieces wit
:iconkellsyy:Kellsyy 16 55
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predator :iconink-singer:ink-singer 21 16
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19 year old with no idea on how to properly 'adult'.

I love my bed, fluffy blankets, books, and spend most of my time daydreaming. {can't handle the real world for too long.)

personal quotes: You cannot simply Follow your dreams. You must Chase them down like you're Jason Voorhees. NEVER let them escape you. -Me

When all else fails, Wing it! -my procrastinating butt

I'm awkward with introductions and just with life in general, so Hi there.
I'm not good with strangers, but would love to make friends (I'm just Really shy).
There aren't many people in my life that I trust, but deviantart has given me a home where I can be me and not be rejected for it. Being here makes my day a little brighter and something I always looked forward to.
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Every fave, comment, watch, and llama means a lot to me and I really am grateful for all your support.
If you have any questions at all or just want to chat, feel free to comment or note and I'll be happy to answer.... I'm almost always online!
I can sometimes take a while to thank people for faves, but I will try my best to keep up. It really means a lot to me.:-)
I hope y'all have a nice day!…

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I will tell you that I've met someone,
after a moment of hesitation.

That he's a different kind of sunshine,
  Warm and Blinding
and brought back to me, That Feeling
i lost after my first candle-Love had his heartbeat stolen by the wind.

He held me each night, bringing copper shelter to my homeless daydreams.
     and was giving in his time, his hugs and pure affection,
showering such touch-starved skin with rough patched hands that'd never harm me.

That I romanced him with yarn and crayon-made doodles.
Slipping hints of something more into the jokes i told.

Because i love making him laugh, i just want him to be happy.

That getting to know him
has been a Solar Eclipse.

something to happen once in a lifetime,
and maybe it doesn't last
But you'll never forget how they made you feel.

please let me talk and write about him
for all my days to follow.

and the end will be fucking Brutal.
                                                 and I'll love how it destroyed me.

   I've encountered a phenomenon,
            and while I know he truly cares,

He was never meant to love me.
i can break my own heart
"What was he to you?"

I care about him
and years later, when he's moved on and married. Had kids, and finished that degree.
Once he's chased down all his dreams, and those eyes look towards a future
That I'll never get to see.
I'll still care. I love him and a moment is all we'll ever get to be. And that's okay.
I can break my on heart. I don't mind. You were worth it.

All rights reserved ®
please don't use without my permission, Thank you!
They chained the sculptor to the pedestal
because fear would keep him from leaving.

Freedom was not worth the sight of you breaking
You're a Monument
And maybe that means I'm held back by caring for you,

But no progress would distract me from your remains  left on the floor.

i may not reach my full potential, but it was a joy to have you as my first and only masterpiece.

All rights reserved ®
please don't use without my permission, Thank you!
My sister was Queen of the sunflowers,

while the other had eyes for a blue moon

Both set to a sky,
             I couldn't see with my pollution.

                                                        (And I cried to missing stars
                                                         But they never did respond.)

They were celestial,
      transfixing to human eyesight.

But never in my view
 from the Junkyard of the city.
I can't breach the distance to the ones I love
There's wired fence and guard dogs Lurking.
 Scrap metal on my wrists to keep me on the Ground.

I can't ascend to be with you.
 just watch the sun fall below the garbage

I won't get to hold You.
But I loved your starlight all the same.

All rights reserved ®
please don't use without my permission, Thank you!


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