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compliments: a conundrum
And I don't know how to respond, so I just stand there in silence while the Grin eats my face,
       falling a little more in love with You.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 6 1
Mature content
Charcoal and Georgia :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 4 1
found among the rocks with coal dust in our Lungs
Let's destroy each other and call it magic.
and once the blood dries from your lips,
       I'll scrape out gravel from the Coughing fit
      and pave a road for our foreseen nuclear winter.
We'll build our caskets out of Limestone,  
  pretending that someone will miss us.
carving variscite into the cuff links,
               (because my wrists could use some healing)
praying to the stone maker that they never call this turquoise.
the salt will dehydrate us, the cave-ins keep on coming,
my respiratory's failing
But you were a geode all along
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 11 1
hope these Helmets stop Concussions
I never meant for you,
  to be Glass in my hands.
I never meant to be the moon,
Crashing waves against your sand.
Love wasn't supposed to be like this
   falling in
right through
   my arms
dressed in our safety wear
   but never out of harm.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 12 5
the things I see on sunday
It was Florida weather from the sand dunes.
Glass condos with wooden tables against the doors as we hid from the dead beneath morgues.
They held red in their vision once we were spotted, maggot skin squirming to bring us along to Dinner.
Swarmed like clouds around our sunny weather, we were outnumbered
but we made paint from the blood, as we died slowly,
surely a death fit for the Dreamer
        who always loved their art more than themselves.
And She gazed upon the movie screen canvas with rain in her eyes, clutching me tightly.
I told her of Disney scenes that stole my mother,
holding comradery close as She recalled her fallen brother.
I awoke in a lone couch Garage,
     pebbled sand cushioning my sleep as a cerulean towel kept me warm.
the outside was bright and early, no trace of the screams I heard just before.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 10 0
Breaking my Left hand by randomMeAndBob Breaking my Left hand :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 11 2
from a dream
I dreamed of a boy who shoved a knife through my stomach,
holding down my wrists as I bled.
   and girl with curled Fire that screamed profanity at the fear of losing me.
There were neighborhood kids with peeled back eyes and lesions on their smiles
And death, rotting through the hallways.
I saw trees in the sewer and lovers in the trees. A lonely Queen with all to lose.
a Jester that called her lovely.
Between the explosions and bodily debris,
   I most remember You.
black n' white pouring from your Lungs, while red was staining mine.
I don't know why, it. was your name I called as the haze began to lift.
But I heard the sound of hell
    and cried on instinct
for your Lips.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 12 6
I always had a great Imagination  by randomMeAndBob I always had a great Imagination :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 7 2 magical by randomMeAndBob magical :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 6 1
the venom was too strong
He's lost to the sheep sprinting wildly
   through grazing Meadows,
Hoping to escape the big bad wolf
And I chased after them, blindly.
intuition in my gut, somber in Truth,
isn't it always, just too late?
there's no course of action for a tired Useless hero,
Nothing to be changed nor soul resurrected.
and I don't cry, though it sheared my warmth
   he was never mine to have.
So what if the wolves spoke kindly?
if sentimental verses were strung from his stars
And the obituary reads like an enchantment
    because maybe I wrote it for such things,
(Futile in my attempt at magic, at stopping the dead,
saving a Life.)
There's no witness on My end to the slaughterhouse bedroom
nor blood embroidered on his sheets.
And so 'what if' to my haunted dreaming,
a 'who cares' to the nightly screaming,
Deep down I figured I knew the answer,

Casket closed,
remnants of a Jungle,
It was a game rigged from the start.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 11 1
like a moth chasing the Sun
He had horns for Hands,
 slicked back with motor oil always at the edge of his Lips.
Carrying those serpentine eyes
with a hollow bullet smile,
    that only one who's seen the Centennial burn as his midnight
 (and a light he'd outlive)
could ever bare with ease.
Blood in his silence, and nectar in his speech,
It was almost certain that the collision course he called "Natural"
was bound to have  
"Damage?? You think this is the worst I can do?"
and there's blood in his silence
and his anger, in the boredom of the teens
    'cuz Really, he never grew up.
And everything looks better Red,
the coat, his hands, his teeth.
Don't make good guys out of monsters,
  it'll only piss 'em off.
he never claimed to be a martyr,
killed too many to be a saint.
And yet
he looked to that butterfly boy,
With the kindest eyes a predator could
 spare for a Monarch
that wouldn't last two weeks.
We thought
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 12 2
be careful
Keep writing like that,
 and you might just make me fall in Love.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 17 4
i don't talk to my high school friends (they won't
I'm not the kind of person people tend to miss.
I'm the aftertaste of Chocolate Milk on your tongue, after a Nap.
Maybe it started off as something great, maybe even something you could've Loved
but soon enough you'll get sick of it,
Wonder, how you ever managed to fall asleep with a Name so useless caught at the mouth,
  Wonder, why you didn't wash yourself free of the toothache when you had the chance.
not spend so much time on someone who tried to fill the cavities of their cage,
  with bits and bobs of comfort (to try and stop the emp.t.iness)
but wound up with a cavity pulled straight from the Root.
And after time and trial again,
the dentist leaves with x-rays, shakes their head, and tells you to Floss.
Because you can do better than this than Me. i don't deserve you
you do as your told,
replace me with a filling,
promise to brush your teeth more often
and call it a day.
I sit at the bottom of the Bin,
stuck with this same old feel
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 8 11
sometimes they'll want you back
Whoever hurt you,
 will live to regret it.
Because Monday, they'll come back to an empty room.
Spaces on the walls,
where picture frames once slept.
And the smell of someone, they once called home
Stagnant in the air around them.
Sometimes the people we Love
        break our Lungs,
only to find our absence,
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 4 3
\to broken dreamers\
I'm sorry your blanket softness was met by someone who didn't care for making beds.
And mistook your Love
      and the ache to warm them from the Harshest winters,
as a problem.
When they were always the Answer for you.
when you thought they felt the same.
Only to realize Now,
That the sheets have always been cold on one side
And you slept together,
 but still felt alone.
It hangs on puffed rosemary cheeks, this epiphany fit for an epitaph,
                 That maybe
the thermostat wasn't what was broken.
What follows is haunting silence,
    that they might've loved if only they had stuck around
Because the drum-like laughter, that shook bones and turned my sternum into storm clouds,
  doesn't echo like it use to,
As if Loudness is something to be ashamed of. (as if joy should be contained)
Maybe you were made of clay
and let ever
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 20 8
sugarbluebell  by randomMeAndBob sugarbluebell :iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 5 2


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personal quotes: You cannot simply Follow your dreams. You must Chase them down like you're Jason Voorhees. NEVER let them escape you. -Me

When all else fails, Wing it! -my procrastinating butt

I'm awkward with introductions and just with life in general, so Hi there.
I'm not good with strangers, but would love to make friends (I'm just Really shy).
There aren't many people in my life that I trust, but deviantart has given me a home where I can be me and not be rejected for it. Being here makes my day a little brighter and something I always looked forward to.
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And I don't know how to respond, so I just stand there in silence while the Grin eats my face,

       falling a little more in love with You.
compliments: a conundrum
Because I want to hear you speak,
but it always takes my words. And Thank You isn't enough

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