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Starry Night - Music

Happy music for the first level of :iconaelou:'s RPG: Night Orchid. It's meant for an empty, dark universe, so this is why I made the 'piano' chords (Actually Nylon Guitar chords in Anvil Studio XP) in the second verse sound a little 'disjointed'. Happy and slightly chaotic... I think it worked! 

Hope you enjoy! ^^

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screams i love this song and all the other songs you've made already agh ; v;
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XD I'm glad you like it! Thanks a bunch for your comment! 
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The main instrumental track almost feels out of key. Is this intentional? Like, I adore the composition, but a crisper, maybe even softer/higher tone could improve the melody no end.
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That could be my singing, admittedly ^^; I first sang the main instrumental track out, and I thought the tune fit well with the background melody. Now that I hum it, I keep on singing it this way. As for the second part, the main instrumental part was originally the bass, but I was stuck with composition so I changed it to the Halo Pad (main rhythm). 

I can definitely hear some off key notes in the second part, thanks for pointing that out! 

And I agree it could be more crisper: I'm stuck with Anvil Studio: a MIDI program. I just use a Midi to Mp3 converter to make my songs sound a little better. XD I could soften it, though. 

Thanks a bunch for pointing out these flaws! When I get my arranger keyboard back (a buttload more quality in sound, then), I'll work on this song again, keeping in mind these points. 
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