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Learn From the Stars - Music



Does this song sound familiar? o: 

It should! It's a revamp of… but with a different VST (or, different set of instruments) :D I added in a little bit of an extension after the first part, and made everything sound a lot more 'real' rather than MIDI. 

I thought I should do this since I'm making new music for BrokenHeartz10's RPG game with this new VST. I would like to hear your opinions! Is it way better than the original? Worse? 

Thank for the listen, and I hope you enjoy it ^^

Disclaimer: The preview image is not mine. Search 'Stargazing' on Google Images and you will find the picture and the respective artist. 

Do you like the song and want a free mp3? c: Follow this link and hit the 'Download' button to get it! -->…

Edit! (27 April, 2014) - Huge thank you to DoctorCheetah for helping me see the last version really out of key, and for giving me the suggestion to change it! ^v^
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So pretty! ^-^ what music maker thing do you use anyway? :o