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Just remembered that this page exists -

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Being the relative n00b to devArt that I am, I was surprised when I found out that there were two people watching me. What did this mean? Why were these people watching me? Are they stalking my every move? Did they want money? Why am I asking rhetorical questions?

Sadly, I have no money to give them. In an attempt to find out what this meant, I searched the help section. There was a dawn of comprehension. And then extacy! I have people who like my art!

In closing, thanks to those who are stalking me.
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Just chucking a bunch of the ANY key comics on. Thanks to everyone who commented! :D
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Seeing as I'm becoming - well - kind of a regular, I thought I would start a journal. Yeah, because you guys love hearing me whinge. Anyway, I've started a series of comics called the ANY key (tAk for short). They are badly drawn, and the first couple of comics establish a vague storyline. These comics will have some wierd jokes and occasionally a storyline too. I lost my old Wacom tablet, so I can't do any new digital works. I'll just scan some stuff in.

Also, my computer's vowel keys are breaking from overuse. I'm geting a new one come new year.