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Flag of the Spratly, Senkaku, Paracel, [...]
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[...] Zhōngshā and Huángyán Dǎo Islands

So, this one needs a bit of explaining. When I’m designing flags, I obviously want to create something aesthetically pleasing. However, while many flags in the world are indeed beautiful, there is also plenty of awfulness to be found. I usually try to design flags that I could realistically see being adopted by real governments or organizations, even if the result sometimes is a zero-effort seal on a bedsheet like this one. I can totally see some bored government official just throwing up their hands and simply slap a vague compass shape on a white flag, add some text around it and call it a day.

Spratly, Senkaku, Paracel, Zhōngshā and Huángyán Dǎo are disputed archipelagos in the Chinese Sea by the way. I clumped them together into one territory for convenience.
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