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another tag woa
I got tagged again by Randomgirl2001 uwu thanksss 
Name: Andy 
Will you answer all the question truthfully: i guess 
Are you happy: / 
Are you bored: not really 
Are you sad: i'm holding on 
Are you Italian: Nope
Are you German: Nope
Are you Asian: don't think so 
Are you angry: not really 
Are you Irish: nope
Are you Brazilian: no
Are your parents still married: they never were in the first place 
Ten facts:
Skin color: my face is pale compared to my body lmao, i'm relatively tan with yellow undertones idk its weird 
Hair color: brown but it's dyed a purplish red as usual 
Eye color: hazel
Birthday: 19th june
Mood: /
Gender: male
Lefty or Righty: mostly righty
Summer/Winter: winter
Morning/Afternoon: afternoon 
Love life: single but not seeking any relationships except like friends with benefits yk 
Do you believe in love at first sight: everyone is different love wise so i guess 
Who ended your last relationship:
:iconsmol-ewe:smol-ewe 1 3
Ask blog icon by smol-ewe Ask blog icon :iconsmol-ewe:smol-ewe 8 0 IDOL Tae by CanMeBeCool IDOL Tae :iconcanmebecool:CanMeBeCool 16 0
I want to keep it as short as possible(dOn'T tElL LiEs)....let's get it!
1. Fav era
The Wings era and the DNA era. uwu
2. Bias
Mr. Worldwide Handsome Cutie Guy Pink Princess Eomma Kim Seokjin... or Jin for short~ 
3. Fav ship
Namjin, Sope/Yoonseok, Vmin aaaaaaand i also like Vkook and Yoonjin (Just a little bit!)~ owo
4. Fav Vocalist
Jin and Taehyung! ^-^
5. Fav dancer
6. Fav Rapper
I can't choose... -v-' I love all of them for the same reasons. o-o
7. Fav song
Umm... o3o
*Mic Drop
*Airplane pt.2
*So What
*I'm Fine
8. Fav music video
Airplane pt.2, Spring Day and Mic Drop. uwu
9. Fav dance choreography
Idol, Not Today and Fake Love. owo
Huff.. that was fun! ^-^
So! The people i tag: Pandurka uximuxi8103  And every ARMY who reads this! uwu
:icontemmie164:Temmie164 3 0
Tag... Tag... Tag...
I have been tagged by Pandurka Thank you Unni~ uwu
Name: Viktória (It means victory, cuz i always win~ ;3)
Will U answer all questions truthfully: Aham! I promise! uwu
R U happy: REAAAAALLY happy because it's CHRISTMAAAs! >w<
R U bored: Not really~
R U sad: Ah ah, not at all! u3u
R U Italian: Umm... no? o3o
R U German: My sister lives in Germany but i don't have anything to do with Germany... o---o
R U Asian: Oh.. *sniff* I wish i would be. -^-
R U angry: Nope. u3u
R U Irish: Wut? No. 
R U Brazilian: Nyaaaaaaaah...
R Ur parents still married: Of course~ :heart:
Ten facts:
Skin color: White.
Hair color: It's dark chocolate brown. Btw i hate dark chocolate, white chocolate is way better.. o3o
Eye color: Dark oak brown. owo
Bday: February 5th
Mood: HAPPYYYYYY as always~ ^w^
Gender: Female. uwu
Lefty or righty: Righty!
Summer or winter: SUMMER! I hate winter. The only things i like in it are the holly days and snow. I. Can't. Stand. The. Cold. o^o
Morning or afteenoon: Aft
:icontemmie164:Temmie164 2 7
Spring Day Series BTS by JadeLife Spring Day Series BTS :iconjadelife:JadeLife 4 0 BTS JK Happy Birthday by Snowvy-Strawberry BTS JK Happy Birthday :iconsnowvy-strawberry:Snowvy-Strawberry 7 0 BTS RM Happy Birthday by Snowvy-Strawberry BTS RM Happy Birthday :iconsnowvy-strawberry:Snowvy-Strawberry 5 0 BTS Jimin Happy Birthday by Snowvy-Strawberry BTS Jimin Happy Birthday :iconsnowvy-strawberry:Snowvy-Strawberry 5 0 BTS RM IDOL by Snowvy-Strawberry BTS RM IDOL :iconsnowvy-strawberry:Snowvy-Strawberry 5 0 BTS Jin Happy Birthday by Snowvy-Strawberry BTS Jin Happy Birthday :iconsnowvy-strawberry:Snowvy-Strawberry 3 2 Spacebuns Tae by smol-ewe Spacebuns Tae :iconsmol-ewe:smol-ewe 7 10



The sound of a cashier calculating bills ddaeng
When I was young I liked to play freeze tag ddaeng
I'm ding-dong, you're ddaeng
You're 7 kkeut, I'm ddaeng
Face that fell asleep after eating ramen ddaeng
Dregs do your thang
Look at me I'm your errthang
You're dope? Cool? Ridiculous.
There is no uh- ridiculous
Even if I st-st-stutter my words
I h-hope you understand
I la-la-lack a way with words
Bu-but I try to speak correctly but my mouth keeps ge-ge-getting crooked
Because I li-li-li-like it I li-like it very much
Rappers who don't even have haters, shut up
Where are you haters?
Look into this mirror after washing your eyes and face
There is a hater of yours breathing right in there
We celebrate rather than being celebs
Only accel no break
Who are you to recognize me
Frogs who live up to your name
I hope you die in that well
I'll pray earnestly
Mm... From my perspective you are ddaeng
We are all ddaeng
No matter who had influence
For me it's a ddaeng I don't care at all
Hunnit bae hunnit bae hunnit bae hunnit bae ddaeng
This music is shit bae
Although you may feel offended bae
All of your claims are correct bae
We are failing
Billboard is all thanks to you bae
No one else is above us
Because we are failing thanks
Thank you thank you thank you so much
Thank you for ignoring us until now
Thank you Stadium Dome Billboard
Thanks to you we became successful
Friends from small companies
I hope you all become big soon
We will fail again like you wish
So please keep worrying
Hip-hop? ddaeng
Rap style? ddaeng
Just rapper, ddaeng
Bangtan = ddaeng
But reality, bang
Worldwide, bang
Above chart bang bang, ddaeng
Got money, woo
AP, woo
Nice house, woo
Someone's dream life, woo
How about you? uh
I like you! uh
This success, uh
Is all thanks to you, uh
Isn't it funny, isn't it funny? ye
Don't you feel dumbfounded? ye
To be honest, think calmy, ye
About why they, ye
Are making such a fuss, ye
Not enough time, ye
This is homework, homework, ye
If you can't solve this, then your problem is ddaeng
- V -
I'm too indolent to post it individually...

A really happy birthday to this wonderfully beautifully amazingly exceptional soul. You're seriously something Kim Taehyung... I hope 2019 will be more successful than 2018. I purple you more than yesterday & less than tomorrow...💜❤💜
아주 행복한 생일
Thanks to temmie124 for tagging me! I purple you!!!!

Name: Isn't it obvious??? Duh it's TRASHCAN as you can see already.

Will you answer all the question truthfully: .... I'll try.

Are you happy: Nope :,)

Are you bored: Yuppp

Are you sad: It's sad to say this but I'll be honest.... I am.

Are you Italian: Nahhh

Are you German: Nope

Are you Asian: Half

Are you angry: kinda yes kinda no

Are you Irish: nope

Are you Brazilian: How about.... no.

Are your parents still married: Yes. They're my everything❤

Ten facts:

Skin color: I'm a light tan you can say.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Eye color: Brown

Birthday: 8th November

Mood: Depressed af

Gender: As far I know... female.

Lefty or Righty: I use my Right hand.

Summer/Winter: I hate summer... I mean I just can't tolerate it. I prefer winter more.

Morning/Afternoon: Afternoon.

Love life: Will be single even after 40 years.

Do you believe in love at first sight: It happens with some people I know, but it means you're falling for that person because they look good... but I'm okay with it✌

Who ended your last relationship: there was never enough relationship to end so no one.

Have you ever broke someone's heart: I shall get some proposals first for doing that.

Have you ever been hurt: Yup

Friends with exes: It's almost two fucking decades I was born but I never even had a boyfriend so....

Are you afraid of commitment: It depends.

Have you hugged someone within this week: Surprisingly, I did.

Secret admirer: Idk

Have you broke your own heart: I don't think so.

Ten choices:

Love or lust: Lust. (Jk jk definitely love)

Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade

Cats or Dogs: I love both but doggies

A few best friends or a lot of regular friend: A few best friends cuz that's what I have.

TV or Internet: Internet.

Pepsi or coke: sPriTe

Wild night out/Romantic night in: I'm too lazy to go to a wild night out.... romantic night in perhaps(????)

Phone or IM: phone

Day/Night: Night... I love the dark.

(Isn't it 9 choices????)

And that's it.... Merry Christmas to you all<3 Hope your life will be filled with happiness & the blessing of god!!!

I tag:
StormiChan smol-ewe JadeLife cutewolf1233 Leyanells evangeline40003


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