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Iron Fist MCU Concept V2

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So after watching Season 2 I'm still disappointed they avoid the costume so much, but the final moments of the season made me really excited at the possibilities of season 3.

So my first concept was designed with Melvin Potter in mind, it was something that he would make. Very modern with hints of martial arts. The new design however, is very much inspired by traditional Chinese clothing. Most martial arts clothing is very loose and baggy but I just feel being tighter feels more like a Superhero. So like the first version the shirt, pants, and shoes are normal clothing while the tunic, mask, belt, and gauntlets are the actual costume. I had this idea that this suit is made of fibers from a special plant that can draw in chi energy. Originally the clothing made from the plants were designed to train individuals by constantly drawing out chi, but they found when someone with large amount of chi wears it (like an Iron Fist) the cloth can become stronger and acts like armor. I added more black to the mask and darken the color because I think that would work much better for the Netflix's shows current aesthetic. I was originally going to leave off the logo or put it on the back, but the chest was looking empty. I'm not the biggest fan of the logo mainly because it's a pretty piece of evidence for anyone who sees his chest brand(besides he doesn't give two fucks about his identity), still I figure this time why not embrace it. I also avoided putting anything that covers his hands because you don't want to cover up the most interesting visual effect of the show. Plus it's not like his need protection for his hands. But then I thought these gauntlets could be used to hide the LEDs they use on set, and then I thought they could have something on them that reacts to the chi and lights up as well adding a little variety, though the extra logos may be a bit much. I don't think this kind of suit will make it's way onto Netflix but I do think Marvel Studios would do something like this.

SPOILERS for season 2:
I'm really excited for the introduction of Orson Randall since it's already established that he collect Iron Fist relics I figure him having the costume could be a natural introduction. He gifts it to Danny originally to help him train and he continues to wear it for big moment and whenever he needs to hid his identity.

Note: I used concept art of Nightwing from Young Justice by Phil Bourassa as a base
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Oh it’s so awesome and so sad 😭 cause of what happened godd
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I know, I'm really bummed because the ending of Season 2 had me so excited for season 3.
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I found out there’s a petition get out there fight the power!!!!!!👊 IRON FIST
We can save it man
We can save it
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Already signed it but I doubt it'll do anything.
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Spread the word get more people to watch it and ya never know.
Nobody thought the power rangers 2017 movie would get a sequel and it did