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So I really love the Daredevil Netflix series, I can't stop watching it. Also I really dug the costume but unfortunately the eyebrows and nose of the mask bugs the hell out of me. The series runner said he covered the nose because when you didn't it was too easy to tell it's Matt Murdock under the mask and too easy for viewers to spot when its stunt man in the scene. That makes sense, but it also makes the mask look too much like a Batman mask. I hope they rework it for season 2. So, I decided to see what the costume would look like without the nose cover and simplifying the eyebrows. While I was at it, I decided to add the D's and play with the color. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I still love the costume just really hope they tweek the face of the mask for season 2.
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This looks way better.  I see the point about the stuntmen, but I don't think that, in isolation, it's too recognizable.  In other words, I don't think Karen Page would instantly recognize this as Matt, and I don't think a new viewer would recognize him in the first second either, but I can see viewers distinguishing between this and a stuntman.
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Nice, I too want them to expose the nose and put the DD logo on the suit. The mask's beak is really the only thing that throws it off for many. Reflective/transparent red eyes for the mask would be cool too, but not necessary. People might be able to recognize Matt if too much of his face is exposed, but I think viewers can suspend their disbelief when people will be doing that for Bruce Wayne's easily identifiable Batchin and Clark Kent when he sports the glasses in BVS. Heard they will be redesigning the suit. Just another reason to be excited for season 2!
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the reason they gave him a "batman like nose" is because it's easy to recognize Matt Murdock by his nose (since Charlie Cox's nose is unique)

and no DD, cuz the suit was made before he got the name
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I know, I mentioned that, I just wanted to see what it would look like if the nose wasn't a factor