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A Journey through Yarnham: Sewers
“For a lady, you handle a pistol pretty well,” said Conrad, lighting a Molotov with his torch and throwing it at a rat of unusual size. Wreathed in flames, the overgrown vermin squealed and scampered back into the low tunnel from whence it came.
“For a soldier, you don’t keep your uniform very clean,” replied Lucifera, bracing her flintlock pistol with both hands. She was aiming at another rat, this one crawling through the muck towards her and Conrad. She squeezed the trigger and the giant rat was decapitated with a bang.  This didn’t startle Conrad at all as he replied:
“That’s ‘cause this ain’t my uniform.  Lost it ages ago. Well, I lost it after the Yarnham Sixth Grenadier Company got disbanded and I was moved into general infantry.  They never issued me a new uniform. Or any new orders. Sad innit that Yarnham soldiers like me held out longer than the country government… What’s that snoring sound
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Piedras Blancas, Seals, California by randomeye713 Piedras Blancas, Seals, California :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 3 3 Piedras Blancas, California by randomeye713 Piedras Blancas, California :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 0 0 Chicago by randomeye713 Chicago :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 2 8
Mature content
THE CHECK-UP :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 1 0
light green by randomeye713 light green :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 0 0 my neighbors by randomeye713 my neighbors :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 0 4 unblossom by randomeye713 unblossom :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 2 1 Right in the way by randomeye713 Right in the way :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 2 1 wut wuz dat?! by randomeye713 wut wuz dat?! :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 1 0 dinosaurs are not friendly by randomeye713 dinosaurs are not friendly :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 1 2
WH40k: Changeling
After a few contortions, the Changeling was the height and shape of a human. The robes of the daemon hissed as they became the uniform of a Krieg Imperial Guardsman. The Changeling slapped it's own head a few times to take on the appearence of a helmet and gasmask. After a few more adjustments, the Changeling was ready to deliver the letter that would put The Plan back in order.  The daemon stepped out of the dugout and into the trenches, un-noticed, and began to make his way to the command bunker.
The Plan, ordained by Tzeentch itself, stated that The Krieg Imperial Guard were to claim this planet from the Khorne Skull Taker Marines. And the Krieg weren't going to do that if they charged up and out of their trenches in the next hour. Thats what the original order delivered to field command said:  capture the  geothermal power site with mass infantry assault by 0300 today.  The foolish humans were going to get themselves slaughtered if they attac
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Cloudship docking at a gazebo by randomeye713 Cloudship docking at a gazebo :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 0 0 I went to a cat show by randomeye713 I went to a cat show :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 2 0
PH40k: Luna Heresy
The Equestrian Imperium had three founders: The Sisters Celestia and Luna, and Void, who was the First Dragon-Master of Mars. Very little is known about each one except for this:
In foreshadowing of the Heresy, the two sisters were at first bitter rivals for global control of Holy Terra after the Dark Age of Technology had ended. Luna was the head of a massive network of guerilla warriors, while Celestia was the general of the best army on the planet. The only thing the two sisters had in common was that they were refugees from the same ruined Psyker-Pony village. Thankfully, Void the Dragon was an industrial genius that had united Mars under his wings and used his military to stop the warring sisters before they could destroy each other and Holy Terra. Void convinced Celestia and Luna to work together and bring ponies and dragons across the galaxy back into order. Thus they began the first crusade.
As they conquered and annexed planet after planet, Luna and Celestia encountered other
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Cool Tile by randomeye713 Cool Tile :iconrandomeye713:randomeye713 1 5

Random Favourites

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Whelp, I managed to do it.
Last year I purchased a pair of manuals for the role playing game Dark Heresy. Then I bought two more.
I have gotten together 4 different people interested in playing it. I have guided them through the process of character creation and an introductory adventure. Next friday, if the emperor wills it, my players and I will have our first official adventure together.

The crew so far is:
:bulletred: Redemptionist Cleric: raised up in a bunker in a warzone by religious fanatics. She likes burning things and new experiences
:bulletwhite: Malfian Nobleborn Adept: almost crazy and not really evil genius with a fear of dire wolves.
:bulletblack: Naval Security officer: youngster who fought and killed his first space pirate when he was 17
:bulletgreen: Mech-Assassin: some lowly mechanicus worker who stumbled across a cult that tried to kill him, survived and killed the entire cult, then got promoted to mech-assassin.
  • Listening to: I-Pod
  • Reading: Political Science textbook
  • Watching: you....
  • Playing: Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, WH40k: Space Ma
  • Eating: meat, grain, and dairy products
  • Drinking: milk


United States
Yo, I am currently a 22 year old male human going to Channel Island
You can probably get a better grasp of my interests if you check my Favorites collection


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