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Stem-Bird Files: Rugops

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Sereno et al, 2004
Time: Cenomanian (97-93 million years ago)
Length: 3.5 meters (11.5ft) based on the only known specimen (a skull).
Height: Slightly above 1 meter (3.3ft) at the hip for the holotype specimen.
Weight: Around 150 kg (0.15 tonnes) for the holotype specimen.
Habitat: Echkar Formation, Niger, Africa.
Ecology and hunting habits: Small terrestrial predator. Like other abelisaurs, Rugops was probably a fast runner (although not as fast as some of it's relatives, like Carnotaurus) that targeted prey smaller than itself.
Diet: Juveniles of other dinosaurs, as well as pterosaurs and carrion, possibly including beached aquatic life, eggs, and other microvertebrate fauna like the tiny uruguaysuchid Araripesuchus.
Competition: The terrestrial(ish) notosuchian Kaprosuchus and juveniles of other theropod species such as Carcharodontosaurus, Spinosaurus and Bahariasaurus. Adult versions of these species were more often than not, likely predators of Rugops, being several orders of magnitude bigger than the small-prey specialist abelisaur. 
Update 07/12/17: 
-Lineart completely remade.
-Replaced human scale figure.
-More accurate size estimate, now along the centra as is the norm, instead of in a straight line.
-Common name (uncreative, but some animals today have their scientific name as their common one too, and Rugops rolls off the tongue nicely).
- d o w n s i z e (based on more Ekrixinatosaurus-like instead of Carnotaurus-like proportions, but even with the latter it should still be 4.4 meters rather than 4.8 as before)
-Minor text corrections.
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how tall is the human in this?
randomdinos's avatar
1.65 m, give or take a couple cm because the outline isn't exact
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I am confused, so is Rugops big or small?!!?!?!
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In the sense that it weighs more than most humans, Rugops is big.

But it's not 6 meters long, much less 9.
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Mk, but I meant by the height
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Hello again,
I just took a look at the Wikipedia page for Rugops and I see it also has no accurate life reconstruction (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugops). Would you be alright with this image here being used in a scale diagram for Wikipedia, similar to what I did with your Ekrixinatosaurus? (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ekrixina…)

Please let me know what you think. If you do not wish your lineart to be used in any way, I completely understand and will respect your decision. Thanks for your time. :) (Smile)
randomdinos's avatar
Hey again!

In the case of this Rugops, it doesn't exactly look like a good base to me, since the resolution is pretty small, but if you think it's enough, I have no problem with it being used (or any of my lineart, for that matter, as long as those based on other people's skeletals also have the skeletal author's permission to go on Wikipedia).
Paleocolour's avatar
Hello again.
I am easily able to upscale your lineart and sharpen it, so the resolution isn't usually a big issue here. I really appreciate you allowing me to use your work in scale diagrams. They really help pull together the Wikipedia article.

For this Rugops, the skeletal diagram you based it on is actually on Wikipedia already, found here: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fil…
So I think this one is ok, but I will certainly approach other skeletal artists in the future.
Thanks for your time.
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I'm seconding the SOSIG CANNON DOGGO comment.
Dontknowwhattodraw94's avatar
It has something really cute going on with that proportionally large head. If you didn't put a name on it I would confuse it for a juvenile.
Dinosaurguy10's avatar
it was this smol????????
randomdinos's avatar
Could have been lorger

but still one of the smolest abelisaurs, yeah.
Dinosaurguy10's avatar
RuGoPS Vs ChArCarOdoNtoSaUrUS mY a$$
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To think of the awesomebros trying to have Rugops fight carcharodontosaurs and spinosaurs in the past. Not much of a fight now (not sure they would even fight in the first place, but that's awesomebros for you).
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But a pack of Rugops can kill a Spinosaurus by biting its hands and making it break its spine!!! ~Monsters Ressurected
RajaHarimau98's avatar
But teh Spinosaurus was big enough to kill anything!!!!! It was teh apex predator!!!!!1
mynameisnotdave23's avatar
nu gogonootosuriss and twex better!!111!!!1!!!!1
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I thought it was slightly bigger than what I thought it was... Now I learned something new here that it's actually surprisingly smaller.
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Smol boi big head...this has to be one of the most ridiculous-looking abelisaurs of all...*eyeballs Majungasaurus 
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And guess what got added to the Isle yesterday! This guy :B...
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