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the gayest gay of all gay
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MoonLilyShipping - The Champion
            The sound of Moon’s breathing was the only sound to be heard in the champion’s throne room. The steam curled through the air in small clouds, and as Moon sat in the cold darkness she remained silent. She had long before acclimatised to the temperature, so goosebumps were no longer able to be seen anywhere her pale skin, despite her lofty blouse and tiny shorts. Her clothing had been comfortable in the Alola sunshine, and was perfect for exploring the islands. But she didn’t explore the islands anymore, and she hadn’t felt the sunshine in months.
            Hau had initially visited her almost every day, trying to convince her to come down. She had, a long time ago, but she found no purpose down there in the heat. She’d beaten the trials, completed the PokéDex, and conquered the battle tree. She’d virtually destroyed the Elite Four. Even Champion Red
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Allura and Shiro Clothing Colour-Palette Swap by RandomDexholder Allura and Shiro Clothing Colour-Palette Swap :iconrandomdexholder:RandomDexholder 0 0 Keith And Lance Clothing Colour-Palette Swap by RandomDexholder Keith And Lance Clothing Colour-Palette Swap :iconrandomdexholder:RandomDexholder 0 0 Klance Art I Actually Drew Yay by RandomDexholder Klance Art I Actually Drew Yay :iconrandomdexholder:RandomDexholder 3 3 Pokemon Adventures/PokeSpe Shipping Meme by RandomDexholder Pokemon Adventures/PokeSpe Shipping Meme :iconrandomdexholder:RandomDexholder 2 4
Prisoners OC Meme - PokeSpe
Pick 5 characters. Give them a little description too:
1. Silver – Silvy is my favourite character. He is depressing…
2. Whi-Two – I can relate so much to this girl.
3. Emerald – Just amazing.
4. Colress: His evil is fabulous.
5. Gold – He’s Gold.
1. All characters are just walking together, when suddenly, the police comes by. The police stuff the characters into their car...
Emerald: Why are we even with Colress anyway?!
Silver: …I’m used to this…
2. 5 and 1 wake up. They look around the room they are in. It contains two beds, a toilet, a sink, and some posters. What do they think?
Gold: Hmph. Why are there posters of the Periodic Table and stuff and not beautiful women?
Silver: Well why WOULD there be pictures of beautiful women?
Gold: I dunno! I was just hoping there would be!
3. 1 looks at the room across from their room. 2,
:iconrandomdexholder:RandomDexholder 0 0
The New Johto
“So, every few generations, there’s a thing called a remake,” I explain to Silver as we walk through Ilex forest together, “It seems to be some sort of shift between dimensions, but nobody really knows what it is.”
“Wait…what?!” he exclaims.
“Yes, I know. I’ve researched it extensively, and Red and Green experienced it years ago. Green says it’s nothing to worry about, and the only thing that really changed was that Red got a haircut.”
I can visibly see the panic on his face, which is surprising because he’s…well, Silver. It took years for him just to give me a smile, and even then it had been so long that it looked like he was experiencing extreme pain, so seeing him shaking with fear genuinely shocks me.
“It’ll be fine.” I say firmly, looking him in the eyes. I can’t panic too.
:iconrandomdexholder:RandomDexholder 2 0
PreciousMetalShipping - Christmas/Birthday
“Well, happy birthday to me.” I murmur to myself. Great. Yay. Sparkles. Rainbows. Birthday today, nobody even cares. Blue called me up in a frenzy of Christmas excitement, but I was just so furious that Blue, BLUE OF ALL PEOPLE, hadn’t remembered my birthday, that I just slammed the phone down on her. I guess I’ll just spend these two days alone again. And no, I’m obviously not going to spend time with Giovanni.
I generally just stay around the route leading away from Blackthorn City to train, but the problem is all the snow that falls in winter. And right now…I can barely see what’s happening. The snow is blowing around me in a flurry and I’m starting to shake from the cold…
Suddenly, a glow of light on the horizon catches my eye. That must be a nearby city…I pull myself onwards, desperate to reach the Pokémon centre, but it’s getting so cold and the wind is blowing my red hair into my eyes. I trip on a rock. I don
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Bea by Bearuru Bea :iconbearuru:Bearuru 2 0 Gwapple with the Loss by blackbirdrose Gwapple with the Loss :iconblackbirdrose:blackbirdrose 491 226 With all my heart (gif) by MagicalPictureMaker With all my heart (gif) :iconmagicalpicturemaker:MagicalPictureMaker 5 8 Funny Gwen gif by MagicalPictureMaker Funny Gwen gif :iconmagicalpicturemaker:MagicalPictureMaker 6 7 Katoptris' image by Catutte Katoptris' image :iconcatutte:Catutte 11 0 Korrasami Kiss by SketchingSands Korrasami Kiss :iconsketchingsands:SketchingSands 112 11 Korrasami Kiss (Animation) by Azley Korrasami Kiss (Animation) :iconazley:Azley 218 20 Pokemon Trainer Creator by jcling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjcling:jcling 15,160 4,843
Random OC meme of randomness
Choose six of your oc's
1.) 2, 4 and 6 are watching T.V. together.  What are they watching?  Do they fight for the remote?
2.) 1, 3 and 5 are all locked in a closet together!  How did they get in there?  What do they do to pass the time until they are rescued?
3.) 1, 4, and 6 face the Zombie Apocalypse! How did that happen?  How will they survive?   
4.) Time Anomaly!  All the characters have turned back into little children!  How do they cope with it?
5.)  Flash forward to Collage days!  1, 3, and 5 walk into their class (class choice is whatever you want) but it's full except for 3 seats right next to each other.  Do they take the seats?  Or do they drop the class?
6.) All characters go to a random dinner party!  How does it go?
7.) Character 5 wakes up to discover he/she turned into the opposite gender!  How will he/she react to this?  How will 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 react?
8.) Crossing boundaries!  All of your OC's end up in your (the creator's) house!  What do you (th
:iconshadowrune01:ShadowRune01 233 98
A random insane crack lovey OC meme :: Blank
- Pick 10 of your OCs in any order. If you don’t have 10 OCs use canon, borrow yer friends's char, whatever.
- Don't look at the numbers in the questions while picking the characters! (it's more fun that way)
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! :heart:
PICK YOUR LOVERS (or haters)!
1. So, [8], what do you think about Valentine's Day?
2. Believe it or not, but [3] was convinced to go to a blind date. Turned out his/her partner is [6]. How was the date go?
3. Later [3] and [6] found out that [5] was the one who picked them for the blind date...
4. Ding ding, [1] received an anonymous fan letter! What does it say?
5. [7] caught [2] and a crocodile in fancy hat went to a movie together. How romantic!
6. Ehem, [9], can you please describe your ideal partner/dream date, no matter how weird it might sounds?
7. I see, I see... And what does [10] think about [9]'s description?
8. [4] is dared to kiss someone in this meme, who would he/
:iconag-cat:Ag-Cat 407 59
MERTHUR. by xCuri0sity MERTHUR. :iconxcuri0sity:xCuri0sity 169 58 Butch Femme Scale by plegan Butch Femme Scale :iconplegan:plegan 10 2 Merlin and Arthur: BROMANCE. by WhatItMeansToBeHuman Merlin and Arthur: BROMANCE. :iconwhatitmeanstobehuman:WhatItMeansToBeHuman 159 10 Merlin fanart by Rhumer Merlin fanart :iconrhumer:Rhumer 63 7 Merlin by RedgoldsparksPress Merlin :iconredgoldsparkspress:RedgoldsparksPress 370 82 How Arthur sees Merlin by Star-Jem How Arthur sees Merlin :iconstar-jem:Star-Jem 523 127




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I'm just another emo space gay who panic!s at the romance.I don't do much drawing, but I do quite a bit on my YouTube channel:…
Preciousmetalshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Red Lion x Blue Lion: Klance by IcyOwl I SAY... TAKE ME OUT by Over-My-Head41 Kousei X Kaori Stamp by Cerulean-Star75
I LOVE SOLANGELO (GIF STAMP) by BrunaGonda Depression isn't Emo Stamp by StarDragon77 Being Emo Stamp by Nova-Of-Ohu Three Days Grace Stamp by UzakaGear


Draw The Squad ~ Food Fight ~ Pjo
So I've been getting into those draw the squad memes, and I felt like doing one for the pjo crew. The two under the table are the Stoll brothers, because this would probably not happen without them. Also, Piper would have a pretty unfair advantage with her cornucopia of death.
I got the base here:…
Rick Riordan owns the characters.
Percy Jackson Love Map
So I got sick of all those love triangle map things that show loads of non-canonical barely-even-hinted-at stuff (ESPECIALLY the ones which say that Nico likes a girl. HE IS GAY PEOPLE), so I decided to make one myself. Obviously this doesn't show everyone, but what can you do with a world as big as the Riordanverse?


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