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Day 12 - The great and powerful performer.

By RandomCPV
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Great and powerful plot for Mr. Sethisto, founder of great and powerful site. If we don't have comunity hub to connect everyone. Event like Uni-con may destroy the fandom longago. Really appreciate what the EQD team did.

Also, I discover a great methor for traditional artist, call "take a picture before you mess it up". So i fill my scrap book with Trixie plot :d

Here it is:…
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Of course Trixie looks good at this angle. But what angle doesn't she look good from?
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Dat Plot.

Yay, Trixie!

Yes, I've taken pictures at different stages.  Like, I'll be so scared I'm going to mess up coloring with markers that I'll take a picture of the black and white just incase I do then at least I'll have one presentable version of it.  Traditional art is stressful because there is no "back button".
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I know how you feel bro.
But it's quite challenging at the same time :D
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I'm sure Seth will appreciate your effort!
I still don't have any idea of what to do today, this theme got me lost.
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Do trixie! Prise our lord Seth!
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Damn it, I read this too late!
Well I'll have plenty of time to draw the Great and Powerful Trrrrixie!
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