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✦ [Blank layout for free use] ✦
Tracker: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…

✦ Common Locations: ✦
- Honey's TreeHouse: His home, family is mostly there, rarely someone visits
- The Forge, crafting weapons with the blacksmith
- Around Town and outside. Training.

✦ Interaction Status: ✦
Ask First: I would love to participate in interactions and plot, but since I have so little time and Im only one body, I will just stick to a few things.

○ Full Name: Minos Achelois (Pronounciation: Mee-NOs A-khe-LO-ees)
○ Name: Minos
○ Nicknames: None yet
○ Age: Around 22-24
○ Date of HatchNovember 16th, 2017
○ Sex: Male
○ Gender: Cisgender Male (He/Him)
○ Species: Standard Wyngro
○ Type: Yellowish-Brown base, Front claws/Hooves, Breed Egg
○ Voice: TBA
○ Height: Above Average Bipedal Wyngrew.
○ Health: Average
- Has a healthy diet of meat and veggies
- Trains everyday.
○ Build: Dorito/Hourglass, Fit thighs, Beefy arms. 
○ Sexuality: Heterosexual
○ Romanticism: Demiromantic
○ Posture: Straight and Confident, poof out chest and glares down to opponent for intimidation

○ Current Residence: Honey's TreeHouse
○ Former Residence: Honey's TreeHouse
○ Education: Advanced Knowledge, Home-schooled 

○ Habits
- Likes to talk with fancy speech, like those used in the books he reads
- Hopeless Romantic
- Writes poems and songs for his beloved and sends them with chocolate and the prettiest flowers he can find to his love

○ Personal Items
- His Red Cape with Chii's Emblem

○ Outfits/Accessories
- Red Cape with Chii's Emblem

○ Boons/Skills
- Has a lot of stamina
- Above Average Physical Strenght and Defense. Can handle hits and give powerful blows
- Very Heavy, not because of fat but his muscles and bones
- Loves to how his strenght by lifting heavy stuff, wyngrew (mostly wynglings because they are cute when giggling) and sparring.
- Has a fancy caligraphy (blushes when is pointed out)
- Sometimes speaks with the old shakespearean english (only when reading poems or to annoy his little brother, Katsuki): lingojam.com/EnglishtoShakespe…

○ MotherChoo Choo
○ FatherKree
○ Uncles: None
○ Aunts: None
○ Cousins: None
○ Siblings: ???
○ Children: None

○ Grandmother (T)Honey
○ Grandfather (T): None
○ MotherPavlova ????
○ FatherSolstice Achelois
○ AuntsKetchup
○ Uncles: PoseidonBlitzPolaris
○ CousinsIfrit and Antheia
○ Brothers: None
○ SistersLouie and Freya
○ Brother-in-laws: None
○ Sister-in-laws: None
○ Children: None
○ Nephews: None
○ Nieces: None

○ Companion Pets



- Solstice: "My Honorable Father, who I owe my life to. When he woke up, my egg was resting right besides him, to him I am a blessing, and for me, the best outcome for my life. Thanks to him I grew up to be a kind and strong man with not ill will... Except if Miss Honey is preparing her delicious Rattle Curry, I would do anything for those. AHAHAHA!!"
- Lova: "The love interest of my father. She is very motherly and hard-working but I wont call her Mother until Im 100% sure how her relationship with Father is. Whatever the income is, Im forever grateful to her"
- Freya: "My beautiful and talented little sister. I would move heaven and earth for you, even taint my body with crimson and dirt my soul with the most deplorable sins for you... I mean, I would do anything to protect her, she is my little sister after all"
- Louie: "Our Moon's Eyes. Father found her when we were playing Hide-n-Seek in the forest, she was in bad shape and was very wild back in the Dojo. She is the reason why we moved out and if Im honest, it was for the best. She is fun, sweet and pure-hearted. I cant believe everyone is so blind by appereance and cant see the beautiful and strong flower she is"

Sera: "A very charming young lady, we havent interacted as much, but I wont deny her approaches made my heart skip beats from time to time. I wonder how she is doing..." 

Polaris: "My beloved and honorable Uncle. The soul brother of my Father and best friend. Seeing him train at the Dojo taught me to be perseverant, hard-working and always push your limits. He may not be a physical brawler like my Father and I, but when it comes to magic, no one can match him."

Breeze: "My beautiful Angel, Goddess of my heart, The sickness I never want to cure, the flame that burns my flesh and bones in such pleseant way. My muse, my love, how I wish to be yours. Smile for me like you did that faithful day when I found your hidden beauty... :heart: ...!!! I-I mean...!! U-Ummm...!!! B-Breeze is a-a very special someone for me a-and I... w-well... OH MY DEAR CHII!!"

Maxwell: "We had a rought start with the catapult incident and well... At least it didnt end up in tragedy, sadly I cant deny I was punished for my actions because of it, but we grew up close. He likes to be with Louie... you better take good care of her"

Ketchup: "A very special wyngling in the life of my Father, considering her as a little sister, so we could say she is my Dearest Aunt. Sweet, kind and soft, very skilled in the culinary arts, specially when it comes to cookies. I will envy the lucky one that will share such sweet life with her. Ahahaha!! She comes home from time to time and we spend a lot of time together, Im so glad."

- Yuki Onna: "Witch... You She-Devil...!"

✦ Trait Development:

Honorable | Kind: Minos is one to follow the rules and respect the law. Always making sure he is in the right path and helpinf those in dire situations. Of course, he wont jump right into action unless the situation calls for it. Ever since an incident in his childhood, he investigates and observes before jumping into conclusions.

○ Bold | Brave: He was always fascinated by the stories of brave knights that battled legendary beasts to protect their home. Ever since he trained with his father to become like his idols. Daring him to go to a spooky cave? He will go. Fight a Rattle Cattle? May lose but survive. Do something illegal? ...no, not that.

○ Honest | Confident: Minos is a believer that the truth is the best option, even if it hurts. After all, spectations lead to hatred and dissapointment and he doesnt like either of those. He will always accept a task he know he can take and try new things, giving his best to complete the task the best he can.

Romantic | Oblivious: If you think his speech is fancy and proper, just wait until you read his poems and find his bookshelf full or romantic stories. Minos dreams to live the perfect love story with his crush, and even if he knows about flirting and pick-up lines, he never catches when someone is attracted to him unless they make it pretty obvious or is direct to him. Its not because he is a fool, its mostly because he is so in love with his crush that he doesnt see a possibility to be with someone else.

 Gentle | Aggressive:  He can be considered a Wyngro subspecies of a Rattle Cattle. He is gentle and calm, so long as you dont provoke him or hurt his family and friends. He will snap at anyone that puts a hand on them and will blindly attack them with no second thoughts. His temper grows stronger when he cant do anything. A case like that would be a member of his family and/or friends are fighting eachother, since he doesnt know who to defend.

○ Over Protective: Specially with his little sister, Freya. Ever since she was getting attention for being an Imp, he is very wary of those who approach his sister, of course he observes the situation but if he sees you as a threat he will step in. With Icarus he is even more protective since the little Noc is the definition of naive and clueless of danger.

○ Trains everyday for several hours. High Metabolism. Eats a lot but wont get fat
○ His speech is very articulated and fancy for many, but when flustered it drops to a normal speech.
○ Dreams to become a Warrior of Light.
○ As he grew up, he developed a Rattle-type of temper. Provoking him would end up meeting his horns and sturdy hooves.
○ A fan of Poetry and Myths, his favorite being the one of the Minotaur.
○ Has a lot of patience, but dont push his buttoms to much.
○ Considers his Noc, Icarus, as his son. Will fight the world for him.
○ Has a HUGE crush on Breeze. Seeing her will make him sigh like a dork and just get lost in her, to the point that he wont pay attention to anything else unless by a miracle you can make him snap out of it.


Basic Fire 
Row A 305

Basic Wind 
Cell M-324


✦ Parents: Kree and Choo Choo

✦ Plans:
○ November: Closed thanks to Warptide
○ December: Open

✦ Last Bred: NA
✦ Base Color: -
✦ Eye Color: -



  • Pupils: X

  • Rattle Horns: X
  • Royal Mane: X X
  • Primal Beak: X
  • Eyebrow Changer: MAX WYNS

  • Naked Ears: X 



  • Yittle Tail: X

Body Upgrades:


  • Unlimited Clothes: X

 Accepting RoleplaysClosed Right Now. We can brainstorm stuff and small interactions. Im more of response pictures than anything, but I wont be able to respond as fast as I use to because of work and University.

 ✖ Romance
 ✖ Sexual NSFW
 ✔ Sensitive topics (abuse, trauma, etc. We can talk things out)
 ✔ Non-canon
 ? Blood/gore
 ? Drama/edge (Depends)
 ? Plotting (Depends)

○ I was battling in the Trading Post for his eggy. I wanted a child for Solstice and this beautiful yellow egg was perfect for him.
○ Minos is the representation of what I was brainstorming Solstice to be at some point.
○ I made him have fancy speech so I can force myself to learn more english and practice writting
○ First wyngro of mine, aside from Solstice, who I started to learn more about dynamic poses, specially fighting and training types.
○ His crush for Breeze is the most hilarious ship I have, since its the typical comedy of a dork falling in love with a bad guy and they just get beat up and still love them. (Thanks god his body is sturdy)

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I want to have his babies 
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I'm pretty sure this guy is my fave wyngro of yours
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Yuki: Vermin! 

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Look at this handsome boy!!
That's actually pretty clever with the Rosette's and spots. 

I'm weak for gold and brown tbh so he's absolutely gorgeous<3 blue eyes to pop but yet duller for a more natural look. 
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Yes! I love his new colors and look! I was waiting so long for this moment
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I would love to throw Eona at him so she can gawk at his muscles and rose markings 
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Ahahahah I mean you can. Minos doesnt mind gros touching his arms. He even likes to lift wynglings with one arm and watch them giggle
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XD Eona's dream can come true! 

She would probably just gawk from afar cause she'd be to nervous to get to close
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