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Freya's accesory

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Collar designed by the wonderful :iconsidefury:  freya accessory by sidefury

"Is this for me?! REALLY TRULY?!!"

"Yes, sweety! Mommy made it just for you"

"I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!" The small impling glomped the adult female next to her "Thank you Mommy! I promise to always use it and never ever let anything bad happen to it! THANK YOU!" the child chirped with glee.

Lova let out a soft chuckle "See, sweety? Your dad isnt the only one with special talents"

"Yeah- HEY!"

"You know its true, Sol"

"Just because I struggled trying to make her something..." the yellow male pouted

The pink Imp held her head high and mighty "Ohohoho!" she laughed with a mocking tone "The great Solstice has been defeated"

"Ahahaha Daddy lost!"

The male pouted even more and crossed his thicc arms with a soft grumble.

"Maybe mommy can make something pretty for daddy too!"

"How about something frilly with many ribbons?" Lova teased


"H-Hey...!" Solstice blushed "L-Lets not get to serious here..."

The girls laughed while the boy blushed.

Freya got an accessory! YAY!

Pavlova belongs to :iconskywiz:

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Bree: Side Eyes Emoji What's that you've got there? 
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Freya: ^ 7^) A necklace that my mommy made for me! Isnt it pretty?! I love it sooo much
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Awwwwwwwwwwwww best parents x3
after mcnair and heastia >.>
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the shipp was enough her
rip  marie
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both perfect shipps x3
awwwwwn *v* Mom and dad !
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Mom, Dad and Daughter
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