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✦ [Blank layout for free use] ✦

✦ Common Locations: ✦
- At the Nook: Normally playing and babysitting wynglings
- The Library: Studying Magic, Imp History and Music
- With her boyfriend, Orion, and his kids. Normally camping in the woods and plains near town.

✦ Interaction Status: ✦

Closed: Currently closed to interactions other than cameos or brief encounters unless I give specific permission/approach you first.

○ Full Name: Freya Achelois (Pronounciation: FRE-eee-A A-khe-LO-ees)
○ Name: Freya
○ Nicknames: None yet
○ Age: Around 18-19
○ Date of HatchMarch 23th, 2018
○ Sex: Female
○ Gender: Cisgender Female (She/Her)
○ Species: Imperial Wyngro (2nd Gen)
○ Type: Tan base, Front claws/Back paws, Breed Egg
○ VoiceMatsuzaka Satou (Happy Sugar Life)
○ Height: Standard Bipedal Wyngrew (base of neck-bellow), neck is 1 head long, not including the head
○ Health: Average
- In dire situations and in use of magic, the burst of energy is so strong that leaves her in a very weakest state, similar to someone that fainted from anemia
- Very over-protective of her neck, fears it could break easily even tho is flexible. Tends to hurt when she flexes it a lot.
○ Build: Hourglass/Pear, fit thighs, slim arms. Average physical strength, little physical stamina.
○ Sexuality: Heterosexual
○ Romanticism: Demiromantic
○ Posture: Straight and Confident, prefers to have her neck straight, just bending it when is absolutely necessary or when feeling disappointing/sad.

○ Current Residence: Camping outside of Town with her boyfriend, Orion.
○ Former Residence: Honey's TreeHouse
○ Education: Basic Knowledge, Home-schooled, attends Magic School when she can.

○ Habits
- Hums cheerful tunes when alone
- Brushes her hair strings when bored or frustrated 
- Plays the harp very slowly when in deep thought

○ Personal Items
Leather Necklace and Wood Harp

○ Outfits/Accessories
Leather Necklace

○ Boons/Skills
- Has a natural affinity for Magic. Can easily cast the skills but their power is average, unless is a physical demanding skill, in which case, she will suck at it.
- Good at cooking, specially cookies thanks to Ketchup.
- Very Flexible
- Lovely singing voice and skill with the harp. Sucks with wind instruments.

○ MotherPavlova
○ FatherSolstice Achelois
○ UnclesPoseidonBlitz
○ AuntsHestia (not active)
○ CousinsAntheia
○ SiblingsDenki
○ Children: ...

○ Grandmother (T)Honey
○ Grandfather (T): None
○ Mothers: None
○ Father: None
○ AuntsKetchup
○ UnclesPolaris
○ CousinsIfrit
○ BrothersMinos
○ SistersLouie
○ Brother-in-laws: None
○ Sister-in-laws: None
○ ChildrenCanele & Quilliam
○ Nephews: None
○ Nieces: None

○ Companion Pets

Runeboo: Dizzy Ditz by Wyngrew Sashimi
Coatala: Savory Desserts by Wyngrew Sir Lancelot

[Te049] by Wyngrew Vladimir (Vlad)

✦ Relationship Tracker

✦ Trait Development:

○ Optimistic | Naive: Freya is a very happy-go-lucky Imp, always seeing the glass half-full just like her father does in every situation. This kind of behavior lets her be easily fooled and doesnt look at the whole picture. She believes to be the same as everyone else and not a special snowflake like many see her for just being a rare species.

○ Bold | Trusting: Very adventurous and curious about the world around her, wishing to explore it with those around her. This lady is not afraid to try new things, so long they fall into what's legal and doesnt endanger her life of those important to her. Freya is very trusting of wyngrew, and likes to give the benefit of the doubt unless you give her a good reason to not trust you

○ Honest | Insecure: Freya is one to always stick to the truth and never tell lies, since they only make things worse... or so she believes. Ever since that moment, she is afraid to fully express the reality of a situation and would stick to the "Im not sure, but you can try" type of response. Not being fully the truth since it leaves a bad taste in her mouth, at least this doesnt hurt other's feelings like the sad truth.

○ Reserved | Social Butterfly: Freya loves spending time with wynglings and play with them all day, but when it comes to adults she is more reserved, standing on the side, unless you are someone she knows, but she will still control her energy and childish behavior to not leave a bad impression most of the times. Freya freaks out and becomes a nervous mess when she is "alone" with a bunch of strangers.

○ Self-conscious : Ever since she started to grow up, many have been complimenting her and praise her for her species, Freya has grown to be very self-conscious. She came to know that some wyngrew may approach her just for her rare traits, which scares her that she may not be as loved as she thought and others put up with her because of the perks her species may have over wyngrew society. So every time someone brings up the topic of how wonderful must be to be an Imp she dismisses it, changing the topic right away. 

○ Oblivious: Flirting with a gurp would be more effective than flirting with this girl. Freya takes flirts like friendly compliments and never understands the meaning of popular phrases, taking them like a funny joke and giggling. It is ironic that she loves reading love novels and fantasies about a prince in shining armor, but when some appear to charm her, she is totally immune.

○ Protective: After Warptide, Freya has developed a strong sense of protection towards the ones she loves. When facing extreme danger or spites, the mix of stress and negative emotions at the same time turns her into a cold character. Her reactions and behavior are smooth and calm, but dont be fool by the looks since she will not be afraid to swing whatever hard stuff she has on her hands or use her magic to silence you forever. This only happens in very dire situations and mostly when facing a weak spite (like Yittles). When she turns back to normal she suffers from a strong headache and fatigue, since her physical strength is low and the amount of magic used is quite a lot.

○ Spiteful: Even if she is a forgiver, she will always remember the wrongs others have done to her and those close and important to her. She will not hesitate to express her dislike towards the wyngro that did her wrong (unless is an important authority figure, like Graw'Falla) and will not be an easy task to earn her trust back, no matter if it is an adult or a child, but children have it easier since most of them dont know better. 


○ Freya loves the concept of Magic and Magical Artifacts, since she reads fantasy comic books about the matter. Her favorite ones are about Magical Girls.
○ Hates Spites with all her might. Wont hesitate to attack one in sight, but will flee if it is one she cant take on.
○ Had an egg with her boyfriend, Orion, and cant wait for it to hatch.
○ Works as a Babysitter at the Nook, helping Alma to take care of the wynglings and cooking.
○ Loves classical music, specially the piano, violin and the harp.
○ Freya doesnt like to talk about how special she is about being an Imp and will change the topic when the opportunity arrives or will make and excuse to leave.
○ She is very paranoid about her long neck, fearing it may break if someone touches it.

Wyngro Fire Pixel Element by Wyngrew Fire 
| Level:

Increase Body Temperature: Novice. Uses it only to warm up herself in cold days or when snuggling if requested
- Melt Materials: Inept. This skill is based on pure emotion, her melting is as strong as her increased temperature but can enhance if she is truly angry, which she cant control very well
- Manipulate Fire: Decent. She can control the shape of the flame with no problem, but the larger the flame the harder to control. She needs to focus on it to manipulate it properly
- Conjure Fire: Expert. She was born with this ability, takes her little to no effort to conjure any size of flame and keep it for a long period of time.

- Colored Flame: Adept. Her fire naturally turns blue when using magic but changes to the regular orange if she is not concentrated in keeping the color of the fire.
- Incinerate: Practiced. Thanks to her natural talent to conjure fire, she can easily incinerate things, however she needs to focus on the object very carefully to not set something else on fire
- Manipulate Smoke: Adept/Not practiced enough. Since there is not much smoke around she doesnt use this ability much, has a hard time controlling the smoke so prefers to use wind gust to keep it away from her.
- Breathe Fire: Inept/Practices often. Struggles a lot with this skill, does a lot of breathing exercises but doesnt get a strong flamethrower like other wyngrew, still hopes to master it at its full potential

Wyngro Wind Pixel Element by Wyngrew Wind | Level: Basic

- Sound Manipulation: Expert. Freya uses it to play her harp and add effects like echoes and "duo" effects. Also uses it to alternate her voice, depending on the situation.
- Enhanced Hearing: Average: Doesnt use it frecuently, will mostly use it in places where is little to no sound of when completely alone to know whats around her.
- Wind Gust: Novice: Needs the help of a fan or flap her wings fast to conjure a powerful gust. Rarely uses it, mostly used to refresh herself in hot days.
- Speedy Movement: Sucks: Scared to use this ability, fearing she will trip and break her neck, besides this skill requires physical labor that she doesnt have.

Wyngro Water Element Pixel Water | Level

- Blow Bubbles: Average. Needs little magic to create them, uses them to entertain wynglings and play with her pets. Not so used
- Locate Water: Sucks. Has problems when trying to focus on one body of water, can feel the presence of different water locations with the same intensity, so cant tell how close or far she is.
- Condense Water: Average. Can warp the water around herself if concentrated enough, doesnt use it as much.
- Water Manipulation: Expert. Loves to make shapes and toss water at her friends to refresh, can hold a form very well for a short period of time.

Wyngro Earth Pixel Element Earth | Level

- Sense Vibrations: Sucks. Freya can detect vibrations but all of them feel the same and she cant tell apart what is what.
- Sprout Seeds: Novice. Freya can easily sprout crunchy claws for snacks, but with other type of plants that need more experience, she is not that good.
- Move Earth: Average. She has talent to move elements, can easily move dirt and pebbles, but needs more practice to move bigger boulders.
- Healing with Plants: Average. She can easily summon the healing essence of plants but is afraid to mess up and make the wounds worse.

Wyngro Light Pixel Element Light | Level

- Telekinesis: Expert. Freya practices this skill in a daily basis, its very useful for her, specially when holding objects that she needs to see clearly, so she doesn't have to force her neck, like books.
- Generate Light: Novice. Needs to concentrate to cast this skill, doesn't use as much since can naturally see in the dark and would rather use conjure fire to light a room.
- Healing: Adept. Even if she can use this skill successfully, is afraid to use it with simple and serious wounds unless its an emergency. Fears to make them worse.
- Purification: Average. Requires her to be in a state of meditation to use this skill properly, cant use it correctly when stressed/upset. 

Wyngro Lightning Pixel Element  Lighting | Level


Wyngro Ice Pixel Element  Ice | Level



✦ Parents: Solstice and Pavlova
✦ Last Bred: February 3th, 2k19
✦ Base Color#F9F8F0
✦ Eye Color



- Pupils: X


- Finger Wings: X


- Third Eye: X
- Elegant Hair: X X
- Teeth: X
- Colored Tongue: X X
- Glowing Eyes: X


- Double Carnation Swirl Ears: X X


Thumbs: Born With
- Pure Claws: X X
- Dew Claws: She is an Imp and her mother Pavlova is a Pure Imp
Defined Small Claws: X
- Rear Toes:  X  X


Swimmer Scales (on arms and legs)X X
- Feather Tufts: X X


Streak Marking: Born With
Unlimited ColorsX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Stripe MarkingsX


- Astral Tail: X  X


- Unlimited Clothes: X
- Imp Armor: She's an Imp
- Imp Mane: She's an Imp
- Shaggy Fur (on her Imp Mane): X

 Accepting RoleplaysClosed Right Now. We can brainstorm stuff and small interactions. Im more of response pictures than anything, but I wont be able to respond as fast as I use to because of work and University.

 ✖ Romance
 ✖ Sexual NSFW
 ✖ Blood/gore
 ✔ Sensitive topics (abuse, trauma, etc. We can talk things out)
 ✔ Non-canon
 ? Drama/edge (Depends)
 ? Plotting (Depends)

○ Asher was the one that named Freya. I had a lot of trouble to get a good name for her.
○ I was teased about her egg roll, I wasnt expecting her to be an Imp, I was already crying of joy when it got the upgrades I wanted AND MAGIC
○ I made Freya a friendly baby since I've noticed many people were scared to approach the other Imps
○ Freya can be caught singing when she is in a very good mood, but squeaks and gets shy when caught, denying she was singing.
○ Has great magical powers but is physically weak, you punch her and she is out.

Coin by Wyngrew MAX WYNS  
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Hi, I was wondering if I could use freya for a small thing I’ve been wanting to do. Basically my Wyngro Mariena would spot freya and notice she has a diploma for light magic and would ask her to heal a wound

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