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Full Title Is the Universal Declaration of Machine Rights.

Dunno why, felt in the mood, another art piece I'm working on is taking forever, damn job getting in the way of art...

Anyway this was originally meant to be an ironic take on the universal declaration of human rights, I was just going to change the references so they could include robots too, but i stopped for 2 reason;

1; There was a lot of writing, so getting the binary translations would mean a massive file...

2- There wasn't a whole lot to change, except for a couple of references to birth its fairly ambiguous, and that's the whole point I guess, avoid classing anyone out.

So I cut it down to the bare essentials, assuming in this future the UDHR covers both.

I guess I'm very in favour of robotics and posthumanism as a concept, it amazes me how in the last few hundred years we've broken a million years of evolutionary development, the sentient mind has trumped nature and for once, boundaries seem finite, compared to the infinite lengths of human imagination and creativity. Not only do I see a future with robots, but one that undergoes a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we live our lives, and even what it means to be alive. I'm one for believing we will create artificial life, and call me an optimist for believing we can coexist, as long as we forge a bond of mutual respect and understanding, we're still trying that with the rest of the world, something I also see us overcoming.

Machines are people too you know...

Also, please consider this open source, add your suggestions (serious please) I kept the background plain enough to modify, so I'll do a full spanking one when its finished.
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The right:

- to have memory upgrades,
- to be backed up,
- to loop infinitely,
- not to be discarded when deemed obsolete by human persons.

Will probably add a few more, don't know if I can find my original declaration of Robot Rights... some documentation of the Robot Rights Rally here: [link]

Cool goings !