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Spyro the Deathclaw


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Spyro the Deathclaw


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Vrum vrum Vruuum

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Important announcement, and shedule

Hey guys, I hope all of you are doing well! I'm feeling quite refreshed after my short break, and also took some time to think. I would like to kind of slow down a little with the adopts. To be completely honest, creating a new one almost every days is starting to weigh on me, and I feel you can kind of tell by looking at the quality and me dipping out more and more. Now, that does not mean that I dont enjoy them any more, quite the opposite actually! its just a fact that they use up a lot of my time, and I feel between adopts, other stuff and comissions I just dont have time to really learn or work on my portfolio. So: My thinking would be this: I will upload 3-4 adopts plus one sketch adopt sheet per week. There will be some specials like...twice a month (something like the dna shots) and comissions will be opening up too every week, but with very limited slots (3 sketches, 2 recolors/customs, 1-2 linework and color) --- so the shedule would be something like this: Monday:

Epic Scripts

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Like Father and Son (Page 1)

Graphic Novels N Comics

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Cooling Tubes and Asbestos Cases

Butt-Kickin' Metal

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How to THINK when you draw VISUAL SCRIPTS TIP!

Dope 'Tutes

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Deathclaw Crossing

Wasteland Gems

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Dragons Be Showin' Off

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Land Sea and Sky

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