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by CSEmber

I feel though you shaded her legs, you kinda stopped there. Her right side should be fully shaded if her legs are. As well as the ribbo...

by swrms

I've never done this before so I really like the way you shaded with red and blue respectively, it makes it look more real! The colours...

I'm trying. You can get critiqued by me (without core too) if you crit one of my drawings. I'll put in the same amount of effort as you do. (eg. 2 words will get you two words in return.)


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Me: Imma write a decent amount for this WTA, but not too much. But still a few lines to have a good chance of getting it.

Also me:
Name: Noel
Gender: Male
Personality: Honest, and doesn't sugar coat it, but still stays nice. Kind but firm. Tends to interrupt you, but knows when to listen. Has somewhat of a high opinion of himself, but with a right to have one. Eccentric, not only in his way of interacting with others but also in doing day-to-day chores. 

: Noel comes from a rather rich Asian family, so he has never had any problems with money. Instead of using this however, he always helped around the house and got as good grades as he could. (Mostly B's, with some A's, and the rare C in any language) When he was still very young, not yet a teenager, his parents died in a terrorist attack. He inherited the several estates, main mansion, island, and quite huge fortune of his parents. (=> he became closed off, scared of losing others). He could've just laid back with all the money, but he continued his studies harder than ever, and as soon as legally possible started working. Because of his high status, nobody really dared make fun of him for his preference in dressing. 

He finished school three years ahead of time and started investing into all sorts of companies, who were responsible for such things as: Safety measures in cars, preparations for safety in huge events, police training, medical research; etc. This was one of many steps to ensure no other child had to lose their parents before their time. His company is called AVA-X, and is one of the solar systems most successful and widely known companies to ever exist.

Despite his incredible achievements he has stayed down to earth, and continues to help children, animals, nature and homeless people to survive. He donates money to organizations with the goal of preserving nature & saving animals. He fights against animal cruelty, gives homeless people chances to make something better out of their lives, and brings joy to children's days (and saves them from abusive families). His stance concerning LGBTQ+ positivity makes him well known when concerned with politics, despite despising anything involved with them. 

Little knick-knacks of info: 
He takes in animals in need all the time, then brings them to shelters! He donates money to homeless people and charity events whenever possible, and is already known for being the #2 donator in this cosmos. He strives to be #1. He acts very cutesy, but is fairly wise, and has a knack for surprising you with information and helpful tips. Secretly enjoys doing house-work as it calms him and lets his thoughts roam freely. Despite being so generous, he finds it hard to make and relationships, whether platonic or romantic, last. Adores Christmas, and knows Santa Claus ;) (Wink)
Noel is dyslexic, hence the problems in language classes. He loves cats, and amongst other animals, he owns a white tiger! (And several peacocks and some Alpacas)

He knows multiple types of self-defence martial arts, despite looking rather petite. 
In his bag, he carries treats & sweets for not only himself, (he has a humongous sweet tooth, but also for any runabout sad kids.
He invested a lot of money (well not that much compared to the fortune still in his numerous vaults) into a charm/amulet that lets him sense the sadness in children.
He likes the way stained glass looks. He loves nature, listening to the sounds of wildlife, and gardening in general. He enjoys reading.

In conclusion: He may look somewhat fragile and is easily overlooked without a second glance, but he has changed an incredible amount of people's lives for the better at such a young age and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. One of his favourite mottos is: "Never judge a book by its cover", (despite doing this very often when picking out new books to read. Never with people though.).
okay Imma work on owed art

as there is a lot of it
guys check out Nonkidopts  she makes such pretty adopts!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Heyo! I love all my babs, but I need money (15$) and I can't draw all of them/include them in my stories, so I've decided to have them up for offers! I'll add more and more as I can! You can offer on everyone. Just keep in mind if I bought a character for 25$ I won't sell them for 50 points and a headshot.…

What you can offer:

-Money (PayPal)**
-Art (Include examples & no art slave offers!)
-MYO slots

I'll feature comments with offers I'm considering/have accepted, and I'll hide comments with offers that I have declined over two weeks ago to keep the comments clean!
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If you like great artwork, go watch zreayer! Her OC is pretty cute and her style is nice, just a recommendation. She is an underrated artist lol, Just trying to help her out. Thankyou😁
RandomArtKid Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the rec! She isn't my type sadly, and I'm not a huge fan of Wolf/Neko/similar humain-oid OC's. :P
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