Syfy Monster Madness Dilemma

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This is a Journal about the Syfy Monster Madness cards I posted a few years ago, and those who like them so much. First off, I did not make any of those, nor do I have the ability to make more. They were made for a promotion done by the Syfy Channel and I should have given them the credit when I first posted them. I did not mean for anyone to believe that I was the one who made them, and I honestly forgot to give proper credits to Syfy. However the reason I posted these cards in the first place, was because I believed that once the promotion was over, the images would be deleted and never seen again; so I posted them here where I thought they would last longer. I was wrong; you can still find the site here, along with all the card images:

That said, I am asking those reading this what should be done about the cards posted here; should I keep them, or take them down? If I keep them, I have already updated them with the proper credit, and others will still be able favorite and comment on them. If I take them down, you will still be able to find them in the site above, with all the information I had posted about them, but that’s it; no favorites or comments, and they will not be re-posted again. I am leaving this to a vote because I know there are people who would want me to remove these, but there are also people who will be upset if I do remove these. Comment below what you want me to do; “Keep Them” or “Take Down,” and I will tally the votes as they come in. I’m planning to write another Journal sometime during mid-May, so you have until then to get your votes in. I'm expecting an estimated total of 30 votes.

UPDATE 5/28/14
With the votes tied, the next vote will be considered the tie-breaker.

UPDATE 6/1/14
Voting Closed

Keep Them

Take Down


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