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Ok, Du-da, hope your waiting cycle gave your fortune.

3 blades, 3 different usage. One thing I knew is what the middle one is for. But let's start with...

- This is Linuxx. (Linux X). It is an operating magic system for close combat items. Installed into a saber. It makes you immune to freeze, but that is the least. You become immune to vyruses (but not to poison), and to basic level curses. The blade becomes a vessel (a Carantene) for any kind of offensive magic. The blade can also shapechange within a blink. So you were defending with a rapier and chop with a mace, then use a spear to create room around you. It is a freeware.

- Dragonwing. It is a dual item. Don't try to chop nor to defend. It is designed to grab and fly. Until you let go, it grows 2 big, red wings and you can use it. Muscles are guaranteed, but stamina is not. So don't overdo it. - I only made one yet.

- Silver toothpick. It is a testing blade. Testing how to hide a sword. This one can transform into a pen (with infinite ink, yaay!), a pencil, a pendrive or a ruler. You can call it by thinking and appears full size. maan, I really shoulded have added some special powers.

I hope you like them!
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Very interesting. I love the left one, although the space between the handle and the handguard looks really cramped and rather painful for someone with large or maybe even average-sized hands. The colors on the left AND right one both look awesome.