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Weaponry 129

By Random223

Ok, Du-da, hope your waiting cycle gave your fortune.

3 blades, 3 different usage. One thing I knew is what the middle one is for. But let's start with...

- This is Linuxx. (Linux X). It is an operating magic system for close combat items. Installed into a saber. It makes you immune to freeze, but that is the least. You become immune to vyruses (but not to poison), and to basic level curses. The blade becomes a vessel (a Carantene) for any kind of offensive magic. The blade can also shapechange within a blink. So you were defending with a rapier and chop with a mace, then use a spear to create room around you. It is a freeware.

- Dragonwing. It is a dual item. Don't try to chop nor to defend. It is designed to grab and fly. Until you let go, it grows 2 big, red wings and you can use it. Muscles are guaranteed, but stamina is not. So don't overdo it. - I only made one yet.

- Silver toothpick. It is a testing blade. Testing how to hide a sword. This one can transform into a pen (with infinite ink, yaay!), a pencil, a pendrive or a ruler. You can call it by thinking and appears full size. maan, I really shoulded have added some special powers.

I hope you like them!
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Very interesting. I love the left one, although the space between the handle and the handguard looks really cramped and rather painful for someone with large or maybe even average-sized hands. The colors on the left AND right one both look awesome.
Noah-Of-Chance's avatar
stunning! (staring in awe :O )
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Commented on 125 that you'd like to see them made by real. I think I would like to see 129 forged (specially the one on left)
Noah-Of-Chance's avatar
Nya! if they're forged, i'm buying! i give you money for those items! (starts drawing up planes to rob a bank so able to afford stuff...X3)
Random223's avatar
Robbing a bank is illegal. Besides you could give me new materials from Aldebaran Star sector. I need trans and semi-fusion ability staff for one of my next item. Worths like gold.
Noah-Of-Chance's avatar
i'll see what i can do! (begins making plans) master criminal in the making! i has contacts! lol
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WOW, you get improve with your design a lot~! Keep it up!!
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*headdesk* I'm having a senior moment. What game were these for, again? :stupidme:

The Linux X is the prettiest, in my opinion. XD Ain't nothin' better than a pretty, funcional weapon. Dang, I could use one of those outside of game life! I might not be getting slammed by bronchitis every other year with that baby! :D I love the iridescent sheen you got on that one. It sort of reminds me of my buddy's machete, though. O.o

Ha. Half of my gaming pals would use something like the Dragonwing to, as Monty Python's knights would holler, "Run away!!!"

I like that third one, too, 'cept I can imagine someone sitting around, writing to his girlfriend back home, and accidentally thinking the pen into a sword, and having his letter and lap be sliced in two. XD
Random223's avatar
Game? Not yet.

I don't spam a lot.

Misunderstand. Want to use it as a sword. What did you expect? Inserting the pendrive and then ruining you computer? Hihi.
GreyCorbie's avatar
Oh, I see. I was just confused because it's under the game category.

XD I spam a lot! :heart: Monty Python!

Hm... Ya never know. Someone like me would manage to do that, if for no other reason than that it would just be soooo tempting.
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I'll wait...
who am i kidding? I can't wait...
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