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Enhancing Death.
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Weaponry 664
For sale 13$ (I need email address to send paypal invoice+png)

Jail scratcher

This blade collects the spark of gods from people and implants the god Paer's spark.

"We will scrap this jail in no time" - said Vizimo the Paer priest. A regular adventurer believes he would tear it down and free the prisoners. But that is not Paer's new way. It would likely be to overtake the jail and convert the inmates by all the means. For one reason, because on Ragizori changing religion means tearing out the divine spark from a devote and inserting another - something that causes huuuuge pain. And usually tears out some of the subjet's soul (aura) as well. It takes a lot of time to adopt to a new religion by soul. The tier 0 spells that actually work through sheer belief can activate to the devote. That is something. 

Vizimo later referred entire towns as prizons. He just fenced up the settlement, posted guards and starved everyone out until the remaining habitants changed their minds.

The ancient followers of Paer were peaceful. That was 13 millenia ago.
Weaponry 663
Zombiekiller 13$ (or gold) 

A simple "magic burns" effect that supposes to untie the necromantic channels in a corpse. Each cut actually harms the function of the undead. Hitting the head or the focus would disable the undead, the latter usually sets the whole thing on fire. Any other creature with magical circuits will also catch a flame. That goes for runes and not well made barriers, open magic. Do not approach a mana vortex, portal or dimension gate with this sword with you and you don't want yourself teleported. You are also out of luck if a magical barrier is put around you. Small chance the blade would explode inside frying the owner. Ghosts, now those would be a spectacle!
Weaponry 662
Nightmare Piercer 13$

Ragizori has 2 "mortal" realms. 1 is the living, one is the grey realm. They are built atop each other and have an "intimate" relationship. There is an inner and outer crust of these living planes. The inner holds the cocoon of the creators whom are hiding from the gods, the outer is home of 29 other realms. Beyond is the periferia, crossing that you can leap ot other planetary planes of worlds. 

Nightmare piercer was created for the wanderes who come to the periferia dreamworlds and want to have some kind of item that requires no knowledge of magic, yet can hurt creatures created by dreams. It also has some minor effect against outer crust entitys. Latter can be hurt, dream creatures are drawn to them like a sinking hole in your tub to be eradicated.

The creatures who wield such items are the escapist mages of Ragizori.

On the mortal plain, these weapons have no specific combat magic. Sometimes called spirit weapons, because they materialize by will in contact to the user's aura and can recover any harm by their master simply reimagining them. They cannot leave the aura.
Weaponry 661
Commission from Innocens-Castitate

For his character Anna…

"She is a 172cm tall 55kg blonde with blue eyes

Her armour is specialised (create from the ore of a meteorite that crashed) and her shield is magical but her sword has never been anything unique or special

Her armour is 100% non magnetic, triples her strength when it comes to lifting weight, has the highest melting temperature of any metal known (making her immune to fire attacks) and is non conductive (making her immune to electrical shocks) but is very vulnerable to ice attacks and freezes solid easily. It also glows florecently when exposed to certain magical light sources

Her shield discharges a bolt of lighting, jet of super heated fire or a beam of ice when it suffers any phyical impact meaning when she blocks an attack it automatically discharges one of the three attacks back in the direction of the blow"
How to become Oozaru
I don't think I have to explain
Maybe get bitten by droid and become Grievous?


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