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The Other Mother

By Random-Toon
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I usually don't enjoy 3D movies, but I loved Coraline. It was so eerie and well done that I had no other option BUT to like it. This is my very first drawing of Coraline and her other mother.

Coraline does not belong to me
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You’re not my mother. My mother doesn’t have b-b-b
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Go on. try to take my eyes.
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I kinda wNTO see the movie but don't wanna ruin the book for me. I like your other mother
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Thank you! I've only seen it once but I thought the Other Mother's outfits were so cool, I tried to memorize them. Right after I left the theatre, I drew this.
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Cool drawing!
OOh coraline!
I can't wait to see that film, it hasnt come out in the UK yet :[
Cool drawing
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Well as soon as it does, run to it. It's really pretty good. And thank you. :)
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welcome :]
I will, the book was awesome
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I know right? I read it in 7th grade and I was like...Awesome. :eyepopping:
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I have no idea which movie this is from but I have an eerie urge to see it. I dig the madcap expression on the mom. For some reason she reminds me of an evil school nurse.

Nice line works too!
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Thank you! This is from the movie Coraline based off the book by Neil Gaiman. Awesome book. And movie. :)
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm planning to go some time soon. I wonder if it's as good as the book :)
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I saw it and I gotta say, you can definitely tell it was made in 2009. Very stylized, although the claymation feel was still there. They did a fantastic job with the "other world" design and overall, I was very happy with it.

Personally, I don't think it measures up with the book though.
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Hah. But it's still might be worth seeing. I didn't expect anything to beat the book. :D
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Oh it's worth seeing, don't get me wrong.
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I'll check it out at the cinema then :)
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you are a genius!
If only I had the pleasure of meeting you!
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Oh yes well, you know, I'm extremely busy in my Coraline Plagiarism studio in Hollywood. :blush:
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