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The spirit's walk
We all walk a lonely road
How far we are from home
My spirit drifts in utter night
In this body that's its tomb.
Now let this be my final road
And tell me that I've played my part
I could never tell you of
All the sadness in my heart
My spirit drifts upon the air
And wanders all alone
My failing soul so empty
Between the dark and home
And let me feel the morning stars
So warm upon my dying skin
Their shining cannot pierce this night
That makes me keep my pain within
My spirit walks upon the air
But doubts it has a home
Its many scars it wants to heal
And tries to carry on
Please let there be a happy end
So slim the chance may be
But what force could save everyone
Could anything save me?
So with my scars I lie forever
My mortal flesh was torn and sewn
But my sprit will feel the wounds forever
As it walks on this long road home
:iconbenjamin-elendil:Benjamin-Elendil 2 2
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So This Is How The World Ends?
So this is how a world ends.
Internal spontaneous combustion - a bush fire running through veins is sparking off into capillaries and wreaking mayhem. System meltdown, wave bye-bye to thought processes there they go, spiralling into a star-spangled maelstrom of lost memories and tangled emotions, purple-tinged and shrivelling quickly. Wow, they're falling fast, disappearing into a single dot of light, which winks out. They're gone.
Emotions are next to go feel the ripping and tearing as they force their way out of your head, emerging as a tangled and incomprehensible knot that flies into the night like a malformed bat, screaming a vengeance on your kin. Tendrils that are left behind creep from the soles of your shoes into the dank ground, like so many blind worms. You are well rid of them.
The inside of your head echoes with the sound of running footsteps, half-imagined laughter. On your eyelids you can see the flash of a photograph, a glimpse of a remembered summer. Screw the memo
:iconemzyesque:Emzyesque 2 3
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United Kingdom
Current Residence: Glasgow
Operating System: XP
Personal Quote: "There's a face, next muffin..." - ross noble
Don't use dA much anymore, just for random doodlings etc.



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ladymysti Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2007
Thank you for the +fav on No subscriber status :)
skystress Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2007   Filmographer
heys laura, its franki :)

I like your stuff, espesh the life drawings, muy bien! Hope you're okie dokies!

Random-Squiggle Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2007
Oh hey franki, sorry just saw your comment here! Didn't realise you were on dA, you're gallery's cool too :thanks: What you up to nowadays anyhow? Yeh they made us do life drawing at college, wasn't impressed.. :paranoid:
skystress Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2007   Filmographer
You went to QE yeah? so did you do foundy art? cause i never got to do life drawing :( but I just did A level fine art. Gutted, i wanted to draw all nakey peoples!!! lol

I'm at northumbria uni now, doing animation as part of the Media Production course. You doing something arty?

a-random-quigle Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2006
Hello- you must be my alter ego!
Random-Squiggle Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2006
:omfg: !
a-random-quigle Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2007
LordGothmog Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2006   Photographer
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Hello. It's me, /Q?jo(zy|si)?/, with YANUN (Yet Another New UserName).
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Thanks for the favouite ;)
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