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Kodai Kaiju - MOTO JUA
my reference:…

Moto Jua
Child of the Sun, Bringer of Fire, The Walking Flame, God of Fire
55 meters 
17,000 Metric tons

"You are the last creation of a bygone era and I hope to see that you can be the protector of Earth and our descendants". - some male Atlantian. 

    Moto Jua is the last creation of a long lost technology that no one remembers or even knows. Bio-Organic Technology. Moto Jua was kept safe in one of the Atlantian colonies hidden in a secluded location in western sub-Saharan Africa. The young cub remembers his owner being a young man and that his was afraid of something off in the distances. He then had to put Moto Jua to rest. When he finally awoken, it was giant lion cub with a small mane and a less prominent sun mark tattoo on his chest. It discovered by a tribe only known as the Druzia. The Druzia are long descendants of Atlantians intermingling with African tribes. When he was brought up to one of their major city, the lord and High shaman were notify of the discovering of "a Lion cub not born of Lioness" which then led to the King being notify as well. The Druzi revered Moto Jua as a great protector and Child of the Sun God. They also seen Moto Jua choose a warrior or a child to be a champion protector and partner. As many years had past, he became a legend and was put to sleep for he would be needed again for the times to come. The Druzia tribe were strong and kept Moto Jua's location a secret from other invaders and outsiders that threaten them. In the month of November of 2018, Moto Jua was awaken again by a young Japanese man that resembles the original owner. The moment he awaken... he has chosen the man to be his champion and partner. They soon travel together to Japan and became friends over time. They will soon discover that they are not the only ones.

- Solar Absorption. It sounds like what it sounds like. He can adsorb solar radiation to heal and recharge himself. It can also boost his power and speed the more he absorbs which can then allow him to transform him into Blazing Sun mode. 
- Fire Manipulation/Pyromancy
- Run at a speed of 200 mph when on all fours. 500 mph when in Blazing Sun mode
- Can walk on all fours and walk on hind legs
- Plasma Beam. Fires a powerful beam from the sun mark on his chest which can obliterate his enemies but he only uses this as a last resort. 
- Fire breathe (Of course). And it is as hot as the scorching sun. 
- Incredibly strong even for it's size. 
- Telepathy. Being able to communicate with anyone with ancient DNA. Though, this is a common ability among creatures like him. 
- Long life span. Also a common trait found among creatures like him.
I'm on a hiatus because I got a lot to deal with the real world first. Sorry if I'm not posting much. Just a lot is going on with me. I have to take care of myself first. 
I been having this thought for a very long while now.

1st Pic. Description: City Engulfs in flames, People screaming for help as the flames slowly burns them alive, people caught in Godzilla’s atomic breath as they turn into ashes

2nd Pic. Description: A Survivor of the “November 3 Attack” having a traumatizing flashback of most of his friends, family, and neighbors dying from the Godzilla onslaught.

2nd Pic. In Detail: The image is that of an old man and survivor of a Godzilla attack. He was getting a visit from one of his son as his grandson wants to hear of the story about Godzilla. But the son's father tells him not to because he knows that it brings horrible and bad memories. The grandfather tells him anyway because he no longer fears it anymore. 

The tragedy then appears to shows his memories almost like that of a thought/speech bubble that then goes into more like a wavy smoke. It then reveals the tragedy and horrors of his past. Smoke, fire, people screaming, people running, burned alived, crushed, caught in his(Godzilla's) raging path, or incinerated by his atomic breath. 

A very dark imagery. That gave him nightmares for days on out until he reach an old age and no longer fears it. 


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Hi/Hello, I am random-king00. This site has very amazing stuff. Profile Pictures will not be the real me rather my kpop biases or something else. Plus I'm a gay-geek and a fudanshi. My childhood started with Godzilla/Gojira. He has been my favorite monster ever since. Then came along anime, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, etc. Having to know all the things that came to me or discovering it makes my mind go mad.

I'm just a Big Ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff.


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