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Wow, I saw the video go to one million, never expected to see it go to 2 million so quickly.  I made a thank you video to celebrate this milestone.  Hope you enjoy it.  A short "Gangnam Style"-thank you featuring everyone's favorite uncruzimatic Decepticon!…
Oppa Gangnam Style!…
With great pleasure I present to you the official convention promo I made for RetroCon 2012 featuring the voice of Lion-O himself, Larry Kenney.  His voice alone makes the video amazing.  And a special thank you to two very special people, Rosemary Ward and Tony Tuski!  (that's not name dropping!)…
It's not always about G.I. Joe and Transformers.  Check out the latest promo.  :)…
Love you some bad bots?  Are you ready to rock?  Put your Energon lighters in the air.  Click below to see the latest video.…
I had the recent honor of being the first inductee into the Hall of Primus at SavCon in Savannah, Georgia.  Along with DR. SMOOV who was awarded next, it's just so humbling to be appreciated by the fans.  The hand crafted awards were just spectacular and it was an enjoyable and memorable event.  It was also great to meet up with fellow TransFans.  Even had an awkward moment when one kid asked his father if he should ask to take a picture with me.  Am I that unapproachable?  :)  Anyway, I'm working on my son's Halloween costume these days and have a wonderful wife, an adorable son, and a great career.  I am truly blessed.
BotCon 2012 was great.  I was fortunate to have my family with me this year.  My son got to meet voice actors from the original show (G1 baby!).  It was pretty amazing.  We dragged the costume to Dallas in a duffle bag and a shopping bag.  It survived the trip.  What started as a Halloween costume has become something so special as a bond for me and my son.  He will remember the year we went and met "REAL" Transformers together.  You can't buy that.  That's from the heart.
Dan Gilvezan, THE voice of Bumblebee has a new book out called, "Bumblebee and Me: Life as a G1 Transformer".
Here's the… to the video

Here's the… to the book

Cover art by Rosemary Ward aka Screamers!
All images from my collaboration with Street Fighter HD artist Long Vo have been revealed.
Click the and see them all.

You can also view them on Long's deviantart page
I have teamed up with Street Fighter HD artist Long Vo to create some images you Transformers fans will hopefully enjoy.
Click the… and see the announcement.
Newest video is up.  Epic Meal Time?  No, it's Epic MEGA Time!…
Click the…!
I had wanted to make this video for a while and finally put some time aside for it.  I liked the song on the radio, wound up buying their album and loving it.  So, as silly as it is, our latest video.  I hope you like it.…
"Like a G6" Transformers Parody - Far East Movement ft. NGSMOOV
Wow, all I can say is wow.  Such a great show.  Met a lot of fans, made a lot of friends, um, signed some badges? (Well, people were asking so I did.)  Transformers fans are amazing, kind, and generous.  The BotCon staff did a great job of keeping all the days filled with wonderful activities and panels.  I was able to find everything I was looking for for my son and then some.  Got myself a couple of toys as well (Brand new Alternators Rodimus for $30!  Score!).  You should know by now I'm a sucker for Binaltech/Alternators.

Each BotCon I have attended has been a unique and memorable event.  Distinct moments in time that I will never forget.  All there is to sum this all up is, I am very very happy.  :)
New promo for BotCon 2011.
Models and Animation by me.
And the incredible voices of DR. SMOOV.
It's that time of year, and Cobra is at it again!…
Nine new wallpapers from Stan Bush's "Your Time" music video produced by NGSMOOV.  Enjoy.
With great pride I announce our music video in collaboration with Stan Bush.  "Your Time" from the album "Dream the Dream".  Click the link below to see it.…
Just put up all the Energon-os "takes" as one video.  A few things have been "cleaned up", but the originals are still up on my other channel for anyone who wishes to see them.

Energon-os complete…


Ok, I don't know if anyone really reads these things but just wanted to let you all know DR. SMOOV and I made two videos recently.  



ARCEE Makeup Guru…

and new wallpapers are available on

More stuff is in the works.
Thank you for all the support from the fans.