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War Girl

Hi people!
After getting many requests and questions about getting started with digital painting and other related subjects I decided to create a Page dedicated to this topic.
Everyone is free to join and participate in the free classes.
I am uploading various tutorials that will cover basics such as setting up a brush for painting (the brush I use), shading and blending techniques, Painting tutorials.
I will also post notes and tips, and organize small classes with homework and reviews.
The first 3 videos are up.

This should be interesting for beginners and will get you ready for the future advanced videos I will produce for

Please help me spread the word, it is a good thing and its free. Tell your friends and join in.
Once we get the thing rolling I will also feature some other artists and organize some simple life voice chat sessions and answer some questions.

/// The first Class is starting now! You will find the instructions on the page! Join in!

Here is the link, add yourself


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armadillo179's avatar
this image is so cool, love the character and the body paint
c0rwyn's avatar
Dadosgila's avatar
beauty yet frightening...hahaha... i will lose my self if go to war with these kind of lady >.<
xx-gandalf-xx's avatar
could I maybe use part of this as a profile pic?
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Beautiful work! :)
yeliriley's avatar
VERT Frazetta! Love it!
devneji's avatar
she is pretty great scene
Greenzly's avatar
WOOOOOW shes so sexyyy and a sexy look :D
alserov's avatar
Very beautiful and sexy!
ken1171's avatar
Perhaps with babes like this in the battlefield, it could be the END of all wars! :D
Mataloo's avatar
wow!so fucking sexy!
supermarioART's avatar
What a cool babe!Love her look!,-)
Elinewton's avatar
Thats a beautiful war girl!!
Nice posing and gorgeous body!!
ClarissaB's avatar
Simply breathtaking :-)
raycircle's avatar
DarkBrainComics's avatar
This is absolutely incredible. Beautiful work. I'm amazed.

Oh, and Gaul men and women fought naked... so there. (A better criticism is that she is far too hot and soft to be battle hardened... hehe)
Art-of-ZugZug's avatar
It takes guts to wear no armour to battle!
Tauptu's avatar
R1VENkassle's avatar
Looks super ultra mega awesome!!!!
100pKarakuri's avatar
awESOME MY FRIEND :D love the textures flesh tones everythign i'm a strive to be able to do that ......someday:D
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