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Vampire Slayer

Painted in Photoshop and finished in Painter XI
with wacom Intuos 3
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© 2009 - 2021 randis
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asari13's avatar
Sexy girls battle
c0rwyn's avatar
Really fucking cool. Niice work. :skull:
downunderrob's avatar
That strike looks too high for a killing blow. I do hope she is ready for another try.Good work though, don't get me wrong.
Very good! Neck Bite version Plese!
raveleina's avatar
too bad the fighter is dressed a little too brave to fight melee, but the art is amazing. Fav!
Rwd4more's avatar
Love this one.. Faved!
busty-vamps's avatar
2BeSolo's avatar
oh lo lo scary scene ^^'
this is very beatiful and scary
Great done!
P.S. I'd love to help to this cute Vampire kill that human... :\
Dionisante's avatar
Just amazing. Thank you for sharing.
gorillacatapilla's avatar
you got crazy skills dude.nice work
Galactixa's avatar
Oh, Jesus this is scaring. Uhh
TFSakon's avatar
She just looks so insane.
BabylonSabby's avatar
That vampire's creepy. She's hanging from that spear, but her facial expression is creepy as hell. Happy, like she knows something we and her attacker don't. "Really? Of all the places you could have stabbed me? Haven't you ready any vampire lore at all?"
AlexGhost's avatar
You captured the movement very well, great job. :3
I love how it looks like the vampire doesn't even care. "You call that a sharp spear?"
Tepelus's avatar
I love how you can see the spear tip under the skin in the vampire, and the crazy scary look in her face.
naby94's avatar
very good poses!

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