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Pilot - Farscape

PILOT: I don't get out much, so I read.

I am a big fan of the Farscape Show
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I loved Farscape. This is Fantastic! Thank you for your talent.

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Pilot was one of my favourite characters. Brilliant job with him! :thumbsup:
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I thought he might playing a game?  XD 
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I love this, the lighting and detail is just perfect <3
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Farscape was such a cool series in my opinion, sad they ended it so soon
great job on pilot
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They are making a new movie AND a follow-up series.
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wow, great character design and lighting
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Pilot is awesome.
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does this creature speak english in the show? i never seen that show, i wanted to but then it said unavaliable to stream, this creature is to me so cute. i am currently writing a story about it. its anatomy is unique
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He's beaaauuutiful. This is just amazing. Fantastic job.
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By far my favourite character from Farscape
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[link] Featured here. THanks
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This is an incredible rendition of a great character...
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This is awesome!! I've been a huge fan of Farscape since it started, but half the people I know have never even heard of it. I love these paintings. Pilot is one of my favourite characters.
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Ugly and great! ^_^
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Dude! This is awesome :D I miss Farscape :/
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My favourite alien on the show :D
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Awesome Pilot. Show was amazing and still is :)
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He looks really surprised.
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A mí también me encanta Farscape. Y este es uno de mis personajes preferidos de la serie.

Por cierto, buen dibujo ;)
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