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Painting clouds - tutorial vid

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Published: December 12, 2009
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Hello Everyone!

I just finished uploading a brand new tutorial video that that will show you the way i paint clouds.
The video is with sound this time.

It is for you and it is free.
In about 1-2 weeks a new free online class will start too.

I host the videos on Facebook, communication and commenting is easy there, you will be able to upload your images for the classes and receive feedback from me by joining the Tutorial pages and the education material group.
I do a mirror update on both the group and the page, we will have to see what works best for the classes and communication,
so feel free to join both.

Here are the links:

HD-FORTRESS Tutorial page

Digital Art - Tutorials Group

I create and support the group and page in my free time to help out people who are new to digital arts,
Feel free to contribute by helping me spread the word. Invite your friends to join, post a link on your profile,
it is a good thing and i sure will create more educational material for a growing audience.

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Sadly links are soooo dead  -.- 
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GenisayHobbyist Digital Artist
Can't find tutorial.  There is way too much stuff to dig through.  Link directly to tutorials would be nice.
TIAGOTLR's avatar
Awesome! thanks!!!
Backlash91's avatar
I went to your page after tshaoshin invited me to look at this tutorial, but when I looked on the links I couldn't find it! help?
Cycasin's avatar
CycasinProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for sharing your knowledge!<3
Devinian's avatar
DevinianHobbyist General Artist
Fu@%& joining facebook... wheres actual tutorial?
TheSketchhog's avatar
TheSketchhogStudent Digital Artist
can't find the tutorial
SomeShyGirl's avatar
SomeShyGirlHobbyist Digital Artist
yea i can't find it either. thought i was going crazy there for a moment lol. watched some of your others tho, awesome!
ciliath's avatar
ciliathProfessional Filmographer
video is nowhere to be found
PsychedelicCupcake's avatar
i can't find it ._.
2eeDeme2's avatar
2eeDeme2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm practicing your tutorials, you're so amazing!!!!
LITUUP's avatar
LITUUP Photographer
Online class? Free? I'll be the first there. Mark my words. :D
randis's avatar
randisProfessional Digital Artist
you already missed the first class....
LITUUP's avatar
LITUUP Photographer
No way. :| Are there any seats left?
randis's avatar
randisProfessional Digital Artist
sure next class.

Its actually more of a community execise. everyone can join
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JasonRollProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing!
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NuvulHobbyist General Artist
Así que si no tengo facebook me fastidio no?... genial ¬¬
randis's avatar
randisProfessional Digital Artist
it takes only 2-3 min to make a facebook account, no?
but it takes me days to make vids and weeks to support classes and answer all questions.

Until i finished creating the website/Forums that will be able to host all the educational material, classes and the work of other instructors it will be held on FB.
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EBENEWOOD General Artist
Thanks Randis!
you looked so tired on it! Love your moody cat too!

What a speed way you work!
Mood, colours and the lightning was great!
let's get ready for the next! Have some rest too!:hug:
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WaenaglarielHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for share this!
really cool painting way XD.
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EroticyStudent Digital Artist
Thanks man.
What your doing is a good thing.
Your helping out a lot of artists.
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You Rocks dude, you rocks =)
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Ron-zoHobbyist General Artist
Very cool. Only thing I would suggest with a video like this is too explain more about how you go about choosing the colors you pick to blend.

My colors always look like shit when I blend them. I don't know why that is, but I know I'm missing something.

Thanks for sharing :)
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