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finished a quick Illu today.
Painted in Photoshop in about 6 hours.


more of my illus here:
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thormanoftunder's avatar
IF her right hand holds his neck and her left hand  holds his left arm, what does spin the grinder lever?
coxbones's avatar
This might sting a bit...
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful pic...
Facial expressions on both the "mincer witch" and her hapless victim are perfect!
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frostbitepotter99's avatar
looks kinda like Sweeney Todd's Wife's job:):(
StickyTheCat's avatar
I enjoy making dinners with others lol *evil laughter* i like it though good work
SubConsciousInkStorm's avatar
Either she is really strong or he is really weak...
love it..nice
Malice-Ataxia's avatar
who's turning the grinder crank?
Malice-Ataxia's avatar
DytjeSaurr's avatar
I love this! it's scary but funny too, also, i'm getting hungry now =P
ZombieCorpseCarnage's avatar
omg this is fucking awesome XD
killwhitneydead13's avatar
Vampire-dreams's avatar
And suddenly most boyfriends/spouses that saw this offered rather nervously to cook dinner after viewing this... :evillaugh: Amazing work by the way!
scratchback's avatar
Six hours! That's insane.
mondonaj182's avatar
This belongs in juxtapoz magazine!
JohnRevelationXXVI's avatar
Good idea of making this!! Great job.
Prudencillin's avatar
it rocks wth wickedness.
homicidal-ideation's avatar
omg its liek :D with a dash of classy <3
T-equio's avatar
Don't you think that his arm ought to be much farther inside the meatgrinder to 'produce' the amount of meat displayed? Furthermore what's up with his bones? I don't think grinding his hand an arm would give you such declicate minced meat. Anyway, somehow the scene, though definitely gruesome, doesn't manage to really touch me. Thus I don't feel the horror one would expect. And I think it has something to do with the way you depicted the scene: contrasting the mutilation with a supposed to be entertaining ad. Somehow it doesn't work ... for me.
EbolaSparkleBear's avatar
:no: It's not supposed to be realistic.
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