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September 8, 2012
Kickass by ~randis
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New personal Painting, done in Photoshop CS3 with wacom Intuos 4 L.
This painting is part of a education DVD and is also available as a print, 24 x 15,91 inch.
You will find the print here: [link]

There are also other prints, featuring Skan Srisuwan (Fiduciose), Andrew Jones and others.


The DVD will contain the recording in full HD with detailed audio comments, everything will be explained, starting with the idea, composition, color selection.
DVD will also contain some recordings of other scribbles brush setup, tips and some basic techniques.
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damn Finally

it took me around 9 years to find this image again

wow awesome image man

that image stayed burnt in my mind forever and I searched high and low

but I finally found

awesome image mate

thank goodness it's not lost to time

have a good one

interflecha's avatar
The narrative in this piece is powerful. 
I would be all kinds of afraid around that woman lol. 
EmmitS's avatar
Kmon13's avatar
Wow, now that is power!
Legend1060's avatar
She needs some pants
Warloxk's avatar
link is broken :(
It's amazing. One day i will paint this way..
Reechi's avatar
Those flying dudes are amazing! They tanked the same shock wave that cut buildings and not even their clothes are ripped.

I'm sure they'll be fine after landing.
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Grey-King's avatar
I was looking for a print of this.  The link appears to not be working.  Is it available anywhere else?
DyslexicGamer's avatar
So it can cut through steel and cement but not through human flesh and closing?
airazeEDM's avatar
lol cinemasins level of analysis here xDD
Diglou's avatar
Great work, too sexy!Love Horny! Clap 
ZeusThunderer's avatar
im guessing the right arm is for happy endings
chewjfsh's avatar
You cannot mess
With this woman with a beautiful ass
If you still want to do
Well. your useless life is through
Darcy0414's avatar
I couldn't continue scrolling without favoriting. :heart:
LoreleiVonBork's avatar
i want to see the monster ass version
plain asses are 2common4my special snowflakes tastes
Caledimations's avatar
Don't mess with woman.
JiangYingzi's avatar
I'm guessing they're sorry they experimented on her.
busty-vamps's avatar
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