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May 20, 2010
Imagine FX cover - SE by ~randis is a very beautiful piece with lots of details and a wonderful smooth look! Be sure to check out the rest of this artist's gallery!
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Imagine FX cover

Here is a larger version of the Imagine FX cover i did. This is different variation of the image that was printed

See more of my art here

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You will meet me in the live chat fairly often

see you there!

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profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image! Beauty, Charmed and more ! Good job ![link]
kkht311's avatar
Lovely artwork.

CassieMonroe's avatar
Tough-Luck's avatar
I've seen this somewhere befooooore...

This has been my favorite dA cover so far! Awesome!
Ruihq's avatar
great painting work budy!
Wow. A masterpiece, if I've ever seen one.
Livio10's avatar
really pretty, great job
Friitzie's avatar

sorry for being dramatic, i still have that copy of ImagineFX the cover is sooo win!.
this is a great picture
MenchiCutlets's avatar
Crisp, clear and it came out very nicely. The colouration also helps it out a great deal. Good job on creating this. :)
philby's avatar
I loved this cover, had it as my wallpaper off the IFX disc for a while. Why have I not seen and faved this already?
FlurryTheBear's avatar
Wow! Very cool! :)
Valitel's avatar
Nice detailed work.
M-Myers's avatar
stunning !
I really love this
shadowyzman's avatar
Sweet work! I love your style
SidSandHand's avatar
Tort0ise-on-Rainb0ws's avatar
The body position is amazing. And the eyes are so bright! The textures are so amazing, and it has loads of detail. I love it.
ZirTuan's avatar
Awesome works as always.
otakujen's avatar
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