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Go Chocobo, go!

By randis
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I had lots of fun painting this one.
The female character is my original design. The world setting is similar to FF XI
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The details ... This is AMAZING!
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I love deviantART! so much about this that is just, wow!  LOVEIT!!! 
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Just Wooooow xBBB
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Hey super arbeit! Ich weiss nicht ob du einen deal mit Wacom gemacht hast jedenfalls taucht dieses Bild auf deren Webseite zum neuen Cintiq 27HD auf. www.wacom.com/de-de/products/p…

Wenn die wirklich auf deine Arbeit zurück gekommen sind dann herzlichen Glückwunsch dazu! Auf jedenfall verdient. Und falls nicht hoffe ich, ich konnte darauf aufmerksam machen.
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Vielen Dank. Wacom hat das Bild von mir lizensiert.
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This piece you've created is stunning. You've given your work extraordinary shading, so the colors pulse!
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i love this woman this night light's ...owww awesome!
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A really great job. It's awesome !
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looks beautifully detailed!
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Did you paint this one cuz in the corner says
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This looks great, but The first thing I thought when I saw this image was, "Is this a Fan Art Drawing off of RaiderZ?" I've seen that mount in RaiderZ before, or something very familiar other wise I LOVE IT!
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That's a HUGE chocobitch ! :)
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Great work! Keep it up! :)
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I am completely speechless. Your art is amazing!
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Good stuff there, shows you're experienced. How long did it take?
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Sorry, i cant recall, i was doing in on the side, couple hours here and there over a number of days. i'd say it was about 15-20 h
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That's a very nice outfit she's wearing ^_^
Great paintwork, love the vivid details and autumn colors :)
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