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GOLEM - toys and magic

The Golem

Kids got their hands on a real magic book, trying to summon a golem using their toys as a base.
I have chosen a less realistic style for this one, tho not too cartoony.
I wanted to have a certain fun factor but also serious elements.
The summoner boy is in a wheel chair, I want to show that despite a handicap he still is the leader here. With his pose and gesture I wanted to give him a more sure expression and take away the feel of a handicap, making the wheel chair looking more like he sit on a trone or something.
The other kids are placed under him, just a small symbolism.

The Kids are nit doing this for the first time probably. What I did not want were overstretched comic poses like WTF IT MOVED!!!
I tried to keep that I little bit more subtle.
The colors are fairly friendly here and the mood turned out fine I think,
It was important to have a friendly image despite all the pentagrams and black magic, golem. I don’t want Satanism.

The creation took me about 1 week. I used some simple 3d geometry for perspective and base, tho most of it is al painted. I will post the original linework later.

- - -

If you want to see more of my more recent artworks here is the link:

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Oh..i finaly find it
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
I love this concept.
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I actually can not get over this piece I kept trying to scroll down to continue looking over things but just couldn't until I made sure I faved this.  This is just a wonderful piece.
I hadn't actually noticed the boy doing the summoning was in a wheel chair til I read your commentary. It felt like something most over look at first glance. And I think it's that strong presence he has that is over shadowing the wheelchair, his ability with magic overshadowing his handicap quite completely.
bue muy imaginacion, me agrada el hecho de que el colorido añade mucha claridad al concepto.

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this is beautiful and creative.
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Love all the little details in this. I think my favorite part are the two cuddly looking birds on the balcony. :3 And those panties on the clothes line! haha!
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Pentagrams don't necessarily mean Satanism, just saying... anyway, magnificent piece! :heart:

they didnt say they did tho

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This should be a daily Dev.
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thanks to people like you, I can imagine another world and believe that it is possible...why not!? may be this is our future? :)
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...I want that book.
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Throw away all the books, sure D:
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This is incredible!
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Crazy beautiful art, I just found your art. Magnificent
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one of the best art pieces I have ever seen....I would like to see a process step for this. Or even a lineart. Cheers!
Love it! Oh, and it looks like the geometry on the floor and in the book is referencing a six pointed star, which in occult symbolism is a symbol of the balance of heavenly and earthly forces "As above, so below". Very nicely done :)
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This will be so much better than any game consoles
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This is really elegant and eye-catching. I love it, it's so inspiring to me :D

magic here: [link]
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who you wrong help book so drawing but in time they good your up like did that love amazing!!!
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Those are some fat birds in the background :O
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