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Floating Ruins

Artwork from my old rpg game project.

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This would make awesome gaming table terrain, or even just a diorama in itself. I make "floating" terrain all the time, but this would seriously challenge my abilities, just with the sheer size alone, with the castles and keeps being made in 25 mm scale, to fit in with the armies myself and my club mates play with. Be a worthy challenge though, and I love a challenge :->
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Mind the Gap! (in the mind)
AltairSonOfDarkness's avatar
Slices of terrain...

Broken floor...

I like it.
Looks alot like that one level in super smash bros
TwinDenis's avatar
Is this Photoshop or cad? if so which one?
ebelesaurus's avatar
tell me this is not 3d
Mumume's avatar
Is that like...all drawn and painted? Or is part of it 3D?
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Awesome! Man if the game is as awesome as the artworks I wanna play it!
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What can I say... There's something of Avalon, something of Machu Pichu, somethong of Dali and something of Rayman... and its magnificent.
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this might be my new favourite from you
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you are truly amazing! and... you're in game dev? mega kudos! i hope i can get nearly as good as you one day ^^;
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This looks awesome, very lovely.
SchattenLotus's avatar
Simply epic :D

I wish it would be 1024x768 Pixels large :D it looks awesome =)
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is this matte painting?
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I love floating land images.
marvinDC's avatar
a very unique take on floating islands. great work!
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i love this kind of worlds!
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Hehe, looks like Derelict Spaceship from Alien movie =)
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